Those who maintain healthy behaviors experience lower health risks for six weeks, six months, 12 months, and even out to 18 months after this program began. Another researcher looked at all of the published studies to get a consensus. You must accurately fill out your tax paperwork to receive the take-home pay you deserve. Are You a Manager that Employees Want to Follow? Do you know that happy employees are the most significant factor when you think about raising work productivity and creating happy, satisfied customers? Your employees are human, just as you are, and being in a lousy mood affects their performance. If you’re on a great team and you love your boss and the company transfers you over to a different team and you hate it there, your options to create another change may be rather limited. The WellSteps Well-being solutions has a performance guarantee. The obesity epidemic is caused by a variety of cultural factors and helping employees lose weight has proven to be exceptionally difficult. The ones that are well-organized and follow effective behavior change models show the best results. The tremendous difference in stock price indicates the companies actually perform better. Worksites with comprehensive well-being programs can experience reduced absenteeism for a variety of reasons: I summarized all of these studies in one monster paper that was published a few years ago. Employees who have high morale are significantly less likely to be absent from work. As an employee, paid vacation days are a common benefit. But is that really the truth? There is some hope. After 30 years of evaluating dozens and dozens of programs it has become clear that it is difficult to impossible to get large groups of employees to reach and maintain a healthy body weight. Unlike many other employee surveys, this one isn’t done by just asking HR to answer a bunch of questions—they survey actual employees. 1. Almost everyone of these return on investment (ROI) studies show a positive return on investment. What are wellness programs in the workplace? Most well-being studies show the employees have better health  behaviors. If a co-worker calls off and no one is available to fill that open shift, you might be forced to do so. What is the financial value of having employees with high morale? New understanding of presenteeism has been revealed in recent research published by the journal Population Health Management. How Happy Employees Make Your Business More Productive, Happy Employees Perform at a Higher Level, Happy Employees Mean More Money for the Business, Changes To Make So Your Employees Are Happy, Discover the 8 Ways Managers Can Encourage Workplace Motivation. Would you rather work for someone or work for yourself? For example, someone who works an office job may be sitting in front of their computer for hours on end. The unhealthy culture that surrounds most of us makes it extremely difficult to lose weight, in fact, most people in the United States and in the industrialized world gain weight every year. Seinfeld's Soup Nazi had a line out the door, participants were given “happiness shocks.”, and being in a lousy mood affects their performance, control the work environment they experience, you can do just about anything the budget allows, You want your employees to grow and shine. There’s a lot of talk about self-employment, entrepreneurship, and being your own boss today. Participants who watched these videos and then completed tasks performed at a higher and more accurate level. Yet worksites are doing more disease prevention and well-being than any other entity in society today. Worksites all across the world are implementing employee well-being programs because they like the benefits of well-being. These findings demonstrate that poor health behaviors are strongly associated with high levels of presenteeism. An older study looked at companies that made it onto the Fortune Top 100 Companies to Work list from 1998 to 2005 and found that companies on the list saw a 14% increase in stock price, compared to an average of 6% for companies overall. Well-being programs that focus on helping employees have good health behaviors will eventually have an impact on productivity. If the salesperson or account manager is genuinely cheerful and pleasant, you may find that you are looking forward to the meeting. Wage reporting is mandatory. … Even if the computer system goes down or if you’re at your desk, twiddling your thumbs, you know that you’re getting a paycheck. While Seinfeld's Soup Nazi had a line out the door, that doesn’t happen for most people who treat their customers poorly. Poor employee productivity can be defined as physically being at work but not working. These could include a retirement or pension plan, healthcare, paid time off, or maternity leave. While the estimated cost of presenteeism dwarfs the cost of health care, it does not receive the same level of scrutiny among employers preoccupied with controlling the direct costs of poor employee health. Employees know when they are appreciated. Today well-being programs are common among both medium and small-sized businesses. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of having a well-being program. The 1,800 employees at this worksite reported their health behaviors at baseline, one year, and two years after the program began. I have been on both sides of the fence now and while I currently enjoy what I do, I want to dispel the myth that working for yourself is nothing but sunshine and rainbows; because it’s not. If your employers needs you to work second shift instead of first shift for 3 weeks, you’re kind of stuck and have to make lifestyle adjustments. The pyramid shown below shows the different needs that we have as humans. Employees have high employee morale when they are allowed to be creative,  solve problems, feel safe and appreciated, develop self-esteem, and achieve personal goals and aspirations. So to get the truth, we have to go to information backed by decades of solid research. Here is what the authors concluded: We find that workplace well-being programs can help contain the current epidemic of lifestyle-related diseases, the main driver of premature morbidity and mortality as well as health care cost in the United States. In 2013 researchers completed one of the most rigorous and comprehensive reviews of well-being programs. Employees with an unhealthy diet were 66% more likely to have high presenteeism than those who regularly ate whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Vacation time can often be lost if not used within an annual schedule, and requests for paid-time off are generally accepted as a necessary evil within the realm of maximum profit.

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