The 4 Forces of Marketing Operations & Technology. Great stuff, centralize vs. decentralize is especially interesting. Every business that has an online presence has felt the requirement of technological assistance in the routine tasks that a business performs. There is no doubt that we live in a world where technology is shaping the future. Every marketer out there in the real world knows how important technology has become for businesses as well as what the effects of technology on a business environment are. In fact, not just support it, but proactively enable it and enthusiastically encourage it. I’m living this today, moving from centralized to decentralized. Good marketing operations leaders also invest in the people end of the spectrum: While the automation half of the spectrum is often the source of efficiency and innovation — at least technological innovation — the human half of the spectrum is where the ideal of a brand actually lives and delivers authenticity on the decentralized edge of the organization. In either case, we wouldn’t be wrong to say that today’s world is technology driven. Email reaches more consumers in a shorter period of time than traditional mail, making it an attractive option for promoting business growth. Social media, data-driven marketing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other trends are disrupting the business landscape. As I’ve been preparing for the upcoming MarTech conference in Boston, I have been thinking about the fundamental forces that marketing technology and operation professionals wrangle in their work. But the balance is continuously shifting in small ways through the natural course of business. If it becomes too de-synchronized or siloed as a result, it will then pull back through greater centralization. How to enable JavaScript in your browser. Every business action is automated these days, reducing human labor. What is the Future of Virtual Reality Technology? Top 5 Technologies Every Small Business Should Use, Best Marketing Campaigns for 2020, Part-1. They help in boosting sales and generating more revenue. Please see: How to enable JavaScript in your browser. Technology is an integral part of today’s era and is helping shape the future of our world. Want to see your blog published here? Information technology (IT) enables corporations to market their goods and services globally, often in just a fraction of the time it takes to promote products via word of mouth. Every marketer out there in the real world knows how important technology has become for businesses as well as what the effects of technology on a business environment are. Technology plays a big role in helping establish your business online. They have the power to shape customer behavior and buying preferences while creating new market opportunities. The cons, however, include breaks in technology that cause a certain mishap. See, for all the benefits of centralization, we also need to decentralize, to empower individuals and teams across the organization to pioneer new tools and processes that diverge — at least initially — from the centralized standard. “Automate” and “Humanize” aren’t mirror opposites to the same degree that “Centralize” and “Decentralize” are, so this model doesn’t have perfect mathematical symmetry. Whatever your business may be dealing with, technology is important for efficiency and success. Technology is helping businesses grow at a much faster rate than when technology was not available. There are plenty of those out there already. Technological forces are perhaps the most dramatic forces which are changing rapidly. Just a thought. These factors have only really come to the forefront in the last fifteen years or so. There also have been cases, when a business has felt the ravage of technology. Technological factors affect marketing and the management thereof in three distinct ways: New ways of producing goods and services; New ways of distributing goods and services; New ways of communicating with target markets; Environmental Factors. To have a fantastic engagement with the audience, you need technology and some best online tools to help you target the correct audience. Often specific events, such as a new competitive threat, a big missed opportunity, or a major customer failure will trigger an explicit, top-down rebalancing. The answer as to where that balance should be, however, is not universal. Email us at, A collaborative space for contributors to submit unique and insightful content on digital marketing, graphic design and web development trends and tips. Suggestion: Automate – Empathize. Email us at Nice work Scott… as usual! Copyright © 2008-2020 Scott Brinker. There are both positive and negative effects of technology for a business. In time, some may get promoted up to a centralized standard, if they’re globally applicable (not all of them will be). Technological forces in the Macro Environment; Technological forces form a crucial influence in the Macro Environment. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! The Internet is a globally interconnected computer network that provides marketers and marketing departments with a fast and cost-effective method of conducting business and completing sales transactions. I believe there are two overarching challenges in marketing operations today: Our environment is continuously changing, … I specify “marketing operations” instead of marketing more broadly, because this isn’t intended to be a strategy framework. RedAlkemi is a collaborative space for guest bloggers to submit quality content. Technology transcends traditional barriers to businesses and markets such as geographical location and physical presence. If you blog about or publish content in this space, contribute to the RedAlkemi blog today! It depends on the company, its strategy, its capabilities, and a particular moment in time. Write to us at Now, our job is to effectively manage marketing operations and technology to successfully realize that strategy. What if 1,000+ marketing technology vendors were the new normal? Once you've enabled JavaScript you have to reload this page. After all, there’s a whole category of “marketing automation” software that you could argue sparked the modern marketing operations revolution as we know it. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? A technological force everybody can think of nowadays is the development of wireless communication techniques, smartphones, tablets and so further. This visual tells a story for sure. Rather than either/or, it’s really “and.” It’s a balance between these two forces, both happening at the same time. The discounted “beta” rate for tickets expires September 1, so if you’d like to join us, reserve your seat soon. The automate end of this spectrum is pretty obvious. Technological advances are a strong economy marketing factor that organizations can't afford to ignore. Information technology (IT) enables corporations to market their goods and services globally, often in just a fraction of the time it takes to promote products via word of mouth. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha, Scott Olson / Staff/Getty Images North America/Getty Images. In the quest to get the best output of your work, businesses rely on technology and smart machines to get tasks done. We’ll be covering topics like this — a little in theory, but more in practice — at MarTech in Boston, October 1-3. The winners can grow into “local” best practices (i.e., for a particular tactic or team). In larger companies, this often includes different regions and possibly even multiple business units. Thanks for this. The other axis of opposing forces that marketing operations leaders must carefully manage is the balance between automation and “humanization.”. There are both positive and negative effects of technology for a business. The matrix, so simple, and obvious when someone shows it to you. As illustrated at the top of this post, I see two axes balancing four forces: I have a few preliminary thoughts on the dynamics between these forces, but I’d love to hear your thoughts and perspective. What are the next big Things in Technology? Write to us at The goal is to experiment quickly and cheaply with relatively low risk. Take a look at tips to stay productive during Coronavirus and how to transform your work amidst COVID19.RedAlkemi is a collaborative space for guest bloggers to submit quality content. This website requires a browser feature called JavaScript. But what are the opposing forces that we need to balance in marketing operations? It’s why I advocate for agile marketing and made that the focus of my book, Hacking Marketing. All rights reserved. So which is better, centralization or decentralization? The right mix and balance for any given organization depends on their unique circumstances and identity. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. To the point. Political Environment. We have to gracefully balance opposing concepts and objectives. What does everyone in the marketing organization hold to be true with our mission, culture, and beliefs? One of the main responsibilities of marketing operations and technology management is to centralize processes, data, and tools that span the marketing organization as much as possible. If you think you can add value to our blog with your content, we'd love to have you on board! Let’s assume we have a good strategy. From automated communication ad ChatBots to automated marketing, technology plays a big role in helping a business grow. Or want to receive new articles via email? With pros being a reduction in human interference. RedAlkemi publishes a collection of blogs submitted by guest bloggers in the space of digital marketing, graphic design and web development. This other side of the spectrum is about tapping the benefits speed (and adaptability) over scale: With automation and technology, decentralization is often the fire where innovation is forged — it is faster and easier to try something, without herding global consensus or running the gauntlet of multiple stage-gate approvals from a centralized committee. Remember, most experiments don’t work. Again, the answer is both. If you think we missed out on anything, let us know in the comments below! Every business that has an online presence is always subject to security risks. tips to stay productive during Coronavirus, how to transform your work amidst COVID19, How to Set up a Router to Have Video Surveillance That Works Flawlessly, 4 Futuristic Gadgets that will blow your mind. They relate to factors that create new technologies and thereby create new product and market opportunities. But with the rise of technology, no business wants to lag behind.

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