Instead of cutting them into wedges, cut them horizontally into quarter-inch disks, then top with almond butter, almonds, coconut flakes, and berries. 17. (naturally vegan, gluten-free, 100% whole grain and dairy-free), Soft Almond Butter Oatmeal Cookies. Now, here are 25 no-fuss almond butter snack ideas: Almond butter and banana roll-ups Sweet potato with almond butter Almond butter energy bites Yogurt with almond butter Greek yogurt with almond butter (by itself or as a dip!) All rights reserved. For my full affiliate disclosure. All you need is 25 minutes and a good food processor. When you’re jonesing for something sweet, upgrade your Puppy Chow recipe with almond butter and dark chocolate chips. Combine almond butter with tamari and minced ginger for an Asian-inspired sauce that goes great on salmon, shrimp, and other seafood. 30. If you’re looking for a few more “gourmet” ideas, here are a few recipes from Lindsay’s website that sound AMAZING. We spread it onto sandwiches, blend it into smoothies, mix it into our morning oats, and bake it into cookies, but almond butter can be more than a supporting player. Stuff Medjool dates with almond butter for a sweet yet satiating snack. 9. Sign up for PureWow to get more daily discoveries sent straight to your inbox. What’s the Difference Between Butter and Ghee. Stack your favorite smoothie ingredients—like almond butter, bananas, berries, spinach, and coconut flakes—in a bowl for an Instagram-worthy smoothie bowl. Toast with almond butter Toast with almond butter and bananas Toast with almond butter and blueberries Toast with almond butter and strawberries Toast and almond butter with whatever other fruit you like Almond butter parfait Almond butter “cookie dough” (check out this PB recipe. Below, five paleo-friendly recipes, all made with MaraNatha almond butter, that you need to try immediately. 13. You’re welcome. Add a tablespoon of almond butter into your favorite smoothie for an added dose of protein and healthy fat. It's sugar free and loaded with healthy fats. ®/™©2020 Yummly. 19. Create one here. This content is imported from Instagram. Part of the reason their almond butters are so smooth is because they use blanched almonds. I have to say that I am a sucker for sweets (and specifically honey! Make your own almond latte! 47. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 18. Combine ½ cup honey with 1 cup almond butter and 3 cups rolled oats for easy, no-bake granola bars. Healthy Snack Pack Ideas With Almonds. Put a fresh take on any pad thai recipe by subbing out peanut butter for almond butter. Make your own spicy stir-fry sauce: Combine almond butter with low-sodium soy sauce, ginger, lime juice, garlic, water, and a drop or two of hot chili oil. Instead, you'll think of nuts, lean protein and vegetables, which is why we want to change your mind. Melt 1/4 cup of almond butter and combine with 1 tablespoon coconut oil for a healthy take on the Magic Shell topping. I know that I am definitely a fan of pretty much any variety – peanut butter, hazelnut spread, and definitely almond butter. With a how-to recipe video. 42. 14. Dip your sweet potato fries in almond butter, rather than ketchup, to get more protein while slashing your added-sugar intake. :-). Sources: Julianna Abdallah, author of Justin My Kitchen; Tori Holthaus, R.D., founder of YES! Sandwich a scoop of almond butter between your favorite crackers for easy snacking. 39. 15. One very simple snack is just fruit dipped into almond butter. 5 Ways to Eat More and Lose Weight at the Same Time, These 5 Lunch Hacks Helped One Nutritionist Lose 50 Pounds. From brownies to smoothies to soba noodles, almond butter adds a burst of flavor and a dose of protein to some of our favorite dishes -- the healthy and not so healthy alike. Almond butter and banana roll-ups Sweet potato with almond butter Almond butter energy bites Yogurt with almond butter Greek yogurt with almond butter (by itself or as a dip!) Never created a password? 28. You can also try grapes, pears, or carrots. These No Bake Chocolate Almond Butter Bars are easy to make with just five ingredients and no baking necessary! 19. Apple "Cookies" - An after school snack they'll love. Make a pretty parfait by layering Greek yogurt with almond butter, granola, nuts, fruit, and a drizzle of honey. Spread some almond butter on a rice cake for an afternoon pick-me-up. See below for some great almond butter snack ideas. Now, here are 25 no-fuss almond butter snack ideas: Greek yogurt with almond butter (by itself or as a dip! 10. in conjunction with Moms Meet. I like the texture of all of the Lindsay butters. 35. Are you sure you want to remove this item from your Recipe Box? Indian dish too spicy? This means none of the skin on the almond goes into the nut butter. Cookie dough? 48. Mix in some almond butter to tame the flames. With just over 160 calories per 1-ounce serving, almonds are a nutritionally-dense nut because they are packed with so many healthy nutrients. A post shared by Barney Butter (@barneybutter). The heart and soul of each one of these snacks is thick, gooey almond butter. Warm milk on the stove, stirring in 1 teaspoon of almond butter until it’s dissolved. Before soaking the seeds for chia seed pudding, mix your almond milk with some almond butter for a flavorful health kick. The Vegan Breakfast Sandwich via In it 4 the Long Run This is another great PCOS friendly snack idea. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. 3 Ingredient Almond Butter Bites (could also use peanut butter) -- These are so GOOD! For a creamy, Ranch-free dressing, whisk together almond butter, plain Greek yogurt, and vinegar of your choice. As many people seem to be stumbling across the benefits of a plant-based diet, it seems like nut butters are becoming more and more popular. Oatmeal Cookies made with almond butter and they are perfectly soft and chewy. Make a protein-packed fruit dip by combining Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and almond butter. Thanks for stoping by! For instance, try coring an apple and then cutting it into slices. This is a good gateway almond butter for anyone still on the fence and squarely on team peanut butter. Sugar free, gluten free, low carb, suitable for diabetics. Make your own Asian-inspired dipping sauce by blending almond butter with coconut milk, ginger, and a dash of soy sauce. This homemade almond butter with vanilla is addictive and will be an instant hit in your kitchen! Your kids (and you) will want to put it on everything! 5 Paleo Snack and Dessert Recipes You Need to Bookmark, Stat, 30 Warm and Cozy Grain Bowls to Make This Winter. 50. Why trust us? 37. Squeeze it on a piece of fruit or cracker, or straight into your mouth. 22. All you need are three ingredients—honey, peanut butter and some old-fashioned rolled oats—to make our no-bake peanut butter oat bars. I am not currently subscribed to, so please subscribe, I am already subscribed to, let me tell you the email address I used to subscribe, Please accept the terms and privacy statement by checking the box below. © 2010-2020 Wow Media Products, Inc doing business as PureWow. Make some grown-up “ants on a log” by spreading almond butter on celery sticks and topping them with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds. ), so the honey cinnamon flavor was a definite winner in my book. I'm Lexie, a working mom who loves spending time with my family, coffee, yoga, pilates, wine, and making lists. I have to say that I am a sucker for sweets (and specifically honey! | from This nutty spread has what it takes to be the main star, and these satisfying three-ingredient snacks prove it. These fluffy coconut flour waffles contain almond butter, which makes them extra moist and yummy. 1. Stuff Medjool dates with almond butter for a sweet yet satiating snack. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. 8. 40. Top baked sweet potatoes with a tablespoon of almond butter and cinnamon for the ultimate sweet-and-savory spud. Every post is my own honest opinion regardless of compensation. 60 Satisfying Lunches That Promote Weight Loss. The key is knowing what ingredients to put together. But wait, there's more: Almond butter is rich in energy-revving iron, which can help you to crush any workout that comes your way, says Murphy. Use almond butter instead of peanut. We've got everything you need to improve life in the kitchen, from personalized recipe recommendations to handy planning tools and hands-on lessons. Shredded coconut, berries, pumpkin, and cinnamon also taste fab mixed in. Packed with 19 grams of protein, these guys will keep you satiated on-the-go. Here are five recipes that are the perfect sweet treat. It’s pretty similar to peanut butter and easy to use in similar ways. See more ideas about Almond butter, Snacks, Almond butter snacks. When you’re craving a peanut butter cup, lean on these no-bake alternatives. This recipe has over 500 5-star reviews, with reviewers calling these the best cookies ever! Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe in. Replace the mayo in your typical chicken salad recipe for almond butter. Have you jumped on the big nut butter bandwagon yet? This blog contains affiliate and sponsored content. Get more out of your fruit by spreading almond butter on apples and pears. Keep a packet of almond butter in your purse or gym bag at all times to fight hangriness whenever it strikes. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 41. almond butter hacks you need. This Chai Spiced Almond Cashew Butter is a creamy blend of lightly toasted almonds and cashews, mixed with several spices giving this nut butter an authentic chai-like flavor.

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