Answers- 1)a, 2)c, 3)b, 4)c, 5)b, 6)c, 7)b, 8)a, 9)c, 10)b, 11)c, 12)a, 13)b, 14)c, 15)a, 16)b, 17)a, 18)c, 19)b, 20)c. True or False Exercises/Worksheet/Activities on Negative Sentences in Future Simple Tense: 6) You will not writing the letter tomorrow. 5) She will go to the college from tomorrow. (voyager), Tex: Mes neveux, vous ______ la philosophie! They deal with the present, past, and future in a straightforward manner. (recalling), 20) Will you __________ me through? Verify your progress with the answers provided at the end. - he, she, you, they etc and ‘shall’ should be used for first person pronouns- we, I. Let’s explore three different ways to form the simple future tense. Go through the following sentences-, In the above sentences the speaker is talking about the future actions which are planned to happen in the near or far future. MCQs Exercises/Worksheet/Activities for Positive Sentences in Future Simple Tense: Choose proper words from the choices so as to complete the Positive Sentences in Future Simple Tense. When you want to speak blanketly about a future event, simply tack on a “S” to the end of the verb. 3) Should _________ arrange a fare well party? (leaving), 18) Will she ____________ for her mistakes? 13) The kid ___________ play in the house. Future Simple Tense is used to express the actions that are supposed to take place in the future.

It follows this formula: am/is/are + going to + verb. (attending), 9) Dean will ____________ holiday tomorrow. Or Why will she not sing in the concert? 18) The grass ________ not look greener when you are unhappy.

Saying, “I’m going to…” is quite common in everyday language. Take the help of the verb hints wherever provided.

8) He will ____________ the jury with his arguments.

(opening), 6) _________ they ___________ the train on time? Below we will understand Positive, Negative and Interrogative sentences in Future Simple Tense with help of examples and exercises. What’s the difference between the two? It could relate to the actions that could happen both in the near as well as late future, it may or may not have any time reference. Please note that ‘shall’ should be used with – I, we, though it is also perfectly alright to use ‘will’ with ‘I’ or ‘We’. (teaching), 13) _________ they _________ to pay? And that’s just the point. Thankfully, verbs can be transformed into past, present, and future tenses, providing us with a lot more information. Answers- 1)True, 2)False, 3)True, 4)False, 5)True, 6)False, 7)True, 8)False, 9)True, 10)True. 18) ________ they preserve their culture? It’s a matter of semantics. The action she’s carrying out is indicated by the verb “walked.” And, as for the direct object, or the thing that’s receiving the action of the verb, we see it is “home.” Marie walked home. In the present simple 3rd person singular (he, she, it), add s, es, or ies to the base form of the verb. Consider the following sentences in Future Simple Tense-. For example-, Also the Negative Sentences may be converted into Interrogative-Negative sentences directly by exchanging the places of subject with Auxiliary verbs like-. Then, that’s the very word you must insert into the construct: “not.” The formula will read will + not + verb or am/is/are + not + verb.

10) We _________ shift to our new office soon. © Copyright White Planet Technologies Pvt.

In this example, if you chose to use the helper “will,” it would read, “Meditation will start at eight o’clock.”. 10) They will not ____________ the fault. We will stay in a three-star hotel and we will eat in chic restaurants. Yet, there’s another way to indicate the future tense. Crosscheck your answers with the corrected sentences provided below: Future Continuous Tense

The simple future tense (the future indefinite tense) The simple future tense is used to: Express an indefinite supposed action or activity in the future time. 1) ________ he go to the college tomorrow?

(boarding), 7) Will you __________ on time? Verbs run this world because, without them, things would be far less clear. As for English, when you see the word “simple” in the title, you can take a deep sigh of relief. The Interrogative Sentences may be converted into Interrogative-Negative sentences by inserting ‘not’ between the subject and main verb.

(comprendre), Tammy: Tex et moi, nous ______ beaucoup.

Carefully read the following sentences as examples-. Determine whether the following sentences are true or false. 14) They ________ not _________ for the train. Fill in the Blanks Exercises/Worksheet/Activities on Negative Sentences in Future Simple Tense: Complete the below given sentences by filling in the blank with the appropriate auxiliary verbs, not or main verb.

7) She _________ call you whenever she gets time. All this is simultaneously explained in Hindi for better understanding. Tammy: Je ______ les habitudes de Tex. The simple future tense comes about in one of three ways. Crosscheck your progress with answers provided at the end. One can check verbs forms in different tenses. That means it was done in the past. 3) Will she __________ the dinner tonight?

Note- Grammatically ‘will‘ should be used with third person pronoun i.e. 20) They will __________ pay their dues soon. (waiting), 15) I will not ___________ the meeting. verbs- will/shall/may and then by ‘not’ before the base form of the main verb and finally ending with the object. Crosscheck your progress with the answers provided at the end of the exercise. You’ll use the helping verb “will” or the construct “going to.” The formula shifts slightly in that it’ll either read will + subject + verb or am/is/are + subject + going to. The endings for the simple future are: -ai, -as, -a, -ons, -ez, -ont.The future stem for -er and -ir verbs is the infinitive. 5) He will _________ study for the exams. Fill in the Blanks Exercises/Worksheet/Activities on Positive Sentences in Future Simple Tense: Complete the below given sentences by filling in the blank spaces by proper auxiliary verb, main verb or subject. We learned improper fractions last year. Use the helping verb “will,” add an S, or use the “going to” construct.

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