The transformed Banner grabbed hold of a large asteroid as he flew past it and spun himself so that his feet were directed at the next incoming floating rock. What would you name Death Battle soundtrack for Shazam vs Hulk? He still had some tricks up his sleeve and fortunately for him, the Hulk was currently standing in perfect position. But now I'm afraid that creative flow is gone. Shazam wins. Shazam was bashing the Hulk back-and-forth, unknowingly giving the Hulk a taste of his known medicine. He stalemated Sentry while not truly trying ! @patrat18: Finally scans. A certain student was one of the former. However the sound of tearing and creaking metal snapped Billy back to his senses. The Hulk definitely felt a few teeth crack from that blow and started to feel even more pain as he smashed through several asteroids in process of his ascension. Well....this fight should go down just like the Black Adam WWHulk fight or any other fight Hulks had with similar characters, With PIS/CIS and Capt Marvel fighting like an idiot, he eventually gets pounded into red and yellow pudding, If Cap is utilizing his speed+strength+magic properly i dont see why he couldnt beat this version of Hulk. He didn't seem to notice or even care about the ever so closing in BOOMs i, Mecha: We've taken into account all that is needed with the fighters. Hulk's punch could indirectly bust a planet, so taking a direct punch of that magnitude would KO Marvel for sure. "Okay... that was better...". Several blocks away, downtown Fawcett City was in complete and utter chaos; looking as if it had been the setting of a war zone. There is no proof that Hulk cannot die. While not as big or as bustling as other cities such as Gotham or Metropolis, the city was still lively as many citizens were going about their daily business. Some of the students were particularly excited to see the museum's dinosaur skeletons while others were just glad to be out of school. It was only when he collided with a distant cliff side and "came back" did he feel it. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. These flames could not be extinguished my any mortal means and can burn a person's soul. Shazam lost the thread because nobody presented scans on how he will beat WBH, which is a WWH going all out on rampage, while Hulk side did present scans. CM is on Superman's level, he's too fast and probably just as strong as WWH, he even has magic on his side, Billy takes this, not a stomp tho. But yeah it just baffles me how hypocritical some people are. He was a young 11 year boy with dark raven hair and bright blue eyes. After a very painful trip through the planet and back, Hulk and Shazam erupted out of the ground back where they started. Green Scar? And right after seeing the awesome Shazam movie! Earth's Mightiest Mortal attempted to pry off the foot but soon found that not even the Strength of Hercules can match the physical might of the Hulk. High-Noon And the only time Shazam is really hurt is when Dr. Sivana punched him since he's powered by magic. After several more punches, the Hulk raised both fists over his head to finally finish off the champion of magic and finally be left alone. But before the Hulk could even be knock back by the force, Shazam quickly grabbed hold of the giant's ankle and began rapidly spinning in place, gaining more and more speed and momentum. but the fight would go down alot like Hulk vs Sentry went down except it would be easier for Hulk to pull a victory. Another thing I've been noticing is just how time consuming it is. The newer movies cause some questions for that though, particularly Infinity War, because he's become subject to the Worf Effect.Hulk only really has strength and durability though; and his durability is questionable. And to think you guys crapped on Thor for being "weak" and "pathetic" when Shazam and his family are weak as hell they're like slightly above iron man mk 3 level, @thanos_thebadas: how about we stick to our different opinions, with all due respect i dont have any interest. Then again. However this was no ordinary fire. The Hulk roared again as the heat began to burn him and tired to resist it. Cap hyperspeed BFRs him, otherwise, Billy gets slapped around for the most part. @patrat18: Its called PIS... Its very common on high tier characters. As soon as he spoke the word, the mystic lightning bolt of the gods came crashing down only this time it was much greater in size. pre 52 captain marvel vs world war hulk,in an all out battle all bets,rules are off both are bloodlusted. Probably Hulk and Shazam destroying a planet, that was badass. ...That is, except for the 6 citizens riding inside of a carriage. 3) Actually, writers most of times don't know Jack about the character they are writing and for that reason the inconsistency arrives. Correction if you had to pick the powers of ether with would you pick? Superman has WAY better feats than Shazam. He shouldn’t be able to touch Billy. Hulk however quickly got back up with a snarl and turned to face where Shazam was. Don't take it personal. Funny scans. At first, Shazam felt no pain whatsoever despite the fact the blow struck him dead on and sent him flying. He wore dark purple pants, a hoodie, a white shirt underneath, a baseball cap, and a worn backpack strapped to his back. You said Shazam has no chance when you admitted he got knocked out from a mere fall from the sky. He wins especially if he goes WB. Virgil: Piss off, you lousy green horn! @archangel01: Sorry again, man, as you can tell I have anger issues, loo, sometimes I have trouble controlling it (ironic since we're talking about Hulk) but yeah sorry for the outburst again man, if this happens again I apologize in advance. Unlimited strength. Today was the day a class field trip to the natural history museum had been planned. pffft, Cap Marvel isn't even superman's equal like people still believe for some reason despite feats clearly showing otherwise, so he has no chance with Hulk here. @watchontherhine: I believe them to be comparable. Even fight so Billy up close yells Shazam and the lightening changes both back to human. So we know they're strong and durable; but we have no way of gauging how strong or durable really.We do know, however, that Billy has powers Hulk doesn't have. @ghostravage: he got owned which is kinda = hulk, cap marvel fought the spectre. Thank you. Or we should wait until Endgame releases too. Before he could ascend any higher, Shazam used the Speed of Mercury to almost instantly appear right before the Hulk. @dondave: Ah... Looks someway like Kingdom Come artwork. The creature reared his head back and roared t the heavens, venting his rage to the world at large. The amount of responses favoring the Hulk in this is laughable. I can't find it but Pre-52 Adam kept up with Jay at speeds just under light, so yes, he can (and Shazam) combat at light speeds. He has far greater speed, can shoot lightning from his hands, and can fly.We know that the lightning in particular could cause issues for Hulk, because of Thor Ragnarok. Pretty much all my free time is ded, NO RESEARCH! This fight goes from stalemate to WBH 1 shotting CM. You can see each blow causing earthquakes too. And you're still ignoring the fact that Hulk was not even tryin to fight Sentry ! However, several seconds have passed and nothing happened. What we see is him shrug off being hit by cars/trucks, shrug off bullet, him punching through concrete, and him catching a bus. @ghostravage: speed feat of how he could speedblitz hulk here,s some more. All the students were needless to say taken aback by this sudden outburst with everyone's thought being best described by Billy shouting his iconic catchphrase, "Holy Moley!" @theincrediblesuperhulk8642: he had a small army with him,gods are nothing in comics look at hercules he got riped in half,ares gets his ass wooped all the time and who said blood lusted captain marvel can't take them on? 0. WWHulk wins if it was Savage Hulk then I would probably say CM or Shazam if you prefer. What's more was that his body was incorporeal and ghost-like. The 2 beings of godly power were quickly closing the gap between them and pulled back their respective fists, one generating gamma radiation and the other with divine magic. @captainsweatpan:Yeah you'e right, I had an outburst like this before. 2)Marvelous Rage. The scan of Grundy and Superman indeed proves something. fought when hulk fought thanos he got thrashed,spectre>thanos ig. Hulk assuming post-core breach, stronger versions of pre core breach can win too. As clouds of dust and debris rose in the air, the Incredible Hulk was at the center of the crater staring down pained Shazam before his feet. You're both delusional. If Marvel uses his speed he can BFR Hulk. We're told that only magic can harm him, so theoretically Hulk wouldn't stand a chance; but I think that was hyperbole. But Hulk could one shot Captain Marvel if Marvel is not careful. Their respective impacts shook the Earth and knocked over several trees in the process.

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