Types and Examples of Sentence Fragments and How to Fix Them Look at the example below. It is not a complete sentence, but it could be a phrase. This fragment could undergo several types of revision. Fragment Examples. Who hired Sam? Completed #1 : They found dogs of all kinds when they went to the shelter to adopt a dog. Make sure that fragments are turned into complete thoughts that are communicated through complete sentences. apples, bananas, and grapes at the store. Creating Stylistic Effects With Fragments "The sentence fragments used for their stylistic effect are not the kind that teachers mark with a marginal 'frag'; those are usually the result of punctuation errors, often a subordinate clause punctuated as a full sentence. They found dogs of all kinds when they went to the shelter to adopt a dog. Some sentence fragments might be harder to figure out. Sentence fragments are acceptable to use when your intentions are clear. In English grammar, a sentence fragment is a group of words that begins with a capital letter and ends with a period, question mark, or exclamation point but is grammatically incomplete. Our only philosophy professor. Fragment. Fragment 2. The following example is an example of a fragment where a main subject/noun is missing: Fragment: hired Sam to paint a mural on the brick wall of the library. There are several reasons why a group of words may seem to act like a sentence but not have the wherewithal to make it as a complete thought. Fragment The shop offers many kinds of ice cream. It will start with a capital letter and have ending punctuation; however, it … Here are two examples: The class in room 302. It is not a complete sentence, but it could be a phrase. Dogs of all kinds were running around the dog park this afternoon. the phone lying on the floor. You can use these worksheets as-is, or edit them using Google Slides to make them more specific to your own student ability levels and curriculum standards. Introduction to Speech I, the class in room 302, makes a lot of noise. the phone lying on the floor. The staff hired Sam to paint a mural on the brick wall of the library. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint. Read this sentence aloud. Here are the same sentence fragments changed into complete sentences: broke all of the crayons in the box . They are just a group of words. Some of the worksheets below are Fragments And Sentences Worksheets, 5 common types of sentence fragments, two ways to correct a fragment, finding and fixing fragments in your own writing with several interesting exercises with answers. “Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint” is not a complete thought. Examples of Fragment: the boy on the porch. To find out more, see our cookie policy. Click the Edit button above to get started. If you read it aloud, you can tell that it makes no sense by itself. The shop offers many kinds of ice cream, such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint. To fix the fragment, we can add it to the first sentence. Home Facts Privacy About Blog Contact Terms. Not ready to purchase a subscription? What are the dogs doing? Because it was raining. They could be missing a subject or a verb, which are the key components of a complete sentence. Fragment: The shop offers many kinds of ice cream. A fragment is a group of words that does not express a complete thought. Instead of a period, you can add a comma, and you must add the conjunctive words “such as” to make it a full thought. A SENTENCE FRAGMENT fails to be a sentence in the sense that it cannot stand by itself. Click the button below to get instant access to these worksheets for use in the classroom or at a home. "A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence masquerading as a complete one. Read the complete sentence aloud. to the left of the red car. Starbucks Coffee comes in three sizes. hired Sam to paint a mural on the brick wall of the library. The following examples show a fragment first and then a way to possibly change the fragment into a full sentence. Examples of sentence fragments and how to fix them To be a sentence, a group of words must consist of at least one full independent clause. This missing component may be a subject (usually a noun) or a predicate (verb or verb phrase) and/or when the sentence does not express a … Venti, Grande, and Tall. apples, bananas, and grapes at the store. on my way out. If you reference any of the content on this page on your own website, please use the code below to cite this page as the original source. to the left of the red car. Sentence Fragments A sentence fragment is a string of words that does not form a complete sentence; there is a necessary component of a complete sentence missing. Link will appear as Sentence Fragments Worksheets, Examples & Definition: https://kidskonnect.com - KidsKonnect, March 5, 2018. my best friend Karen. Built with all over the world Copyright © 1999–2020This site uses cookies to improve your experience. To fix sentence fragments, punctuation may need to be added, words may have to be added or removed, or the original sentence or fragment may have to be rewritten completely. A sentence must contain a subject and a verb. All of the above examples are missing words/ideas that are needed to make the sentences complete. It is not complete. Complete: The shop offers many kinds of ice cream, such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint. This worksheet can be edited by Premium members using the free Google Slides online software. The fragments will not make sense and sound like a baby or caveman talking in incomplete sentences, or it will just sound like nonsense. Completed #1 : Dogs of all kinds were running around the dog park this afternoon. Click to download the free sample version, Sentence Fragments Worksheets, Examples & Definition. presents for Christmas. It has no verb or subject. It is simply not a full thought. Usually, sentence fragments are pieces of sentences that have become chopped up, separated, or disconnected from the main clause. "You can correct most sentence fragments in one of two ways. Here are a few examples of how fragments can actually work to your advantage. However, writing it as a fragment instead of attaching it to the end of the previous sentence gives it more weight and emphasis. The following examples show a fragment first and then a way to possibly change the fragment into a full sentence. Others are dependent clauses that are separated from main clauses. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Here is an example of a sentence with an appositive. 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