Our experience in design and manufacturing will be evident once you enter your cabin for the first time. This cabin is an excellent choice if you want a hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the rat race, and where you can recharge your batteries in private. This is fitted in foil-backed sheets which are placed internally, then covered with horizontal tongue and groove. Paints or preservatives can be bought from your nearest home improvement store or construction market. One Bedroom "RONDO"  24,6m² We are a family run business with more than 20 years of experience, designing, supplying and constructing log cabins and other wooden buildings. In doing so we have taken our work ethic overseas to our mill to ensure that all our buildings are built to the exceptionally high standard we are known for. You can divide the interior to the configuration you want and we will deliver your pre-built log cabin to your property or you can order it flat pack semi assembled if you want to build your 2 bedroom wooden cabin yourself. They have provided us with the best home we have ever had. Fully insulated twinskin timber houses and bungalows are composed of 2 individual walls separated by an insulation cavity, which can be filled with various types of insulation. Our fully insulated solution saves on space, materials and costs. As with all our cabin options, you can order your cabin to be built by our professional tradesmen or as a flat pack log cabin if you want to enjoy building it yourself. These are naturally insulating and don’t need to have insulation fitted. We provide top quality sustainable log cabins for the residential and commercial use. If you require building regulations we are able to submit our buildings to a UK registered structural engineer to gain the appropriate reports. Terms and conditions It’s all to do with thermal resistance which you can read more about here. As always, our cabins have been built with the best possible spruce timber, which is very popular in Australia for its resistance to year round weather as well as durability. We can do this on your behalf or we can provide all plans for you to submit yourself. North Coast’s latest addition to the popular Glamping range. All our residential timber buildings are built to a very high standard and can be easily built to comply with the caravan act as mobile homes. The technology used to build log homes enables them to have everything a standard bricks and mortar home would have but with that very distinct timber look. Factory Cabins can help you customize your purchase even more with multiple roofing options, so you can ensure you end up with the cabin best suited to your needs and lifestyle. Our well-designed and expertly made residential log cabins are appropriately insulated, making them comfortable to live in all year round, no matter what the weather.

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