Now, it’s important to reiterate that Tiffany & Co. rings have an incredibly high markup, meaning this type of loss is expected. For example, based on historical market data, $1,000 invested into the S&P 500 in 1960 would have grown to approximately $213,690 by the end of 2016, providing a far better total return on investment than that offered by a diamond. View cart for details. The ring, which cost $4,500, was a 0.53ct round diamond in a classic Tiffany solitaire setting. Each link in the supply chain results in an additional margin being added to the price the jeweler pays for the stone. Equity Lenders Group was built on professionalism, knowledge, accuracy, and consistency. If you’re thinking of selling your diamond ring, our guide to selling a diamond can help you avoid getting ripped off and make sure you get the best possible offer. $4,449.00. By clicking “I accept all cookies” you are agreeing to this. When it comes to selling and setting realistic price expectations for your ring, you should expect to receive between 25%-45% of the original retail price. If you buy online (e.g. At PMR, we ensure that our customers will receive a private and comfortable experience. If you sell your ring to a jeweler, this number will be affected by their markup. By clicking “I accept all cookies” you are agreeing to this. If the diamond has been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), these details will be indicated on the certificate. Gold jewelry typically ranges from 9kt to 22kt. The type of gem (diamond, ruby, emerald, etc. © 2020 The Diamond Pro+412-2501-7829Kernserstrasse 17 / Sarnen, Switzerland CH-6060, We are a team of diamond experts who will teach you to identify scams and avoid spending money on features you can't see. Our buyers are highly skilled, professionally trained, and qualified to accurately assess your item’s true value. Using the professional description and image, your valuable item is put up for auction for hundreds of. How was it treated? The higher the number, the higher the purity. The diamond ring grading process begins with a good cleaning. Get the Most Value: Our years of experience and expertise provide us with the ability to give you the best price. The value of your ring is dependent on the following: When looking to understand ring worth and value, the center stone plays an important part. Once you account for the retail markup you pay when you buy a new diamond and the difficulty of selling a diamond back to a jeweler at its true value, it becomes very unlikely that even a high quality diamond will appreciate in value in a practical sense. Almost gone. Receive a final price and get paid or your ring is returned free of charge. The appraisal states the Retail Replacement Value, this is, how much will it cost to replace the item, and it’s directly related to insurance policies. In short, the best offer we received for a $4,500 ring was $1,850 — just over 40% of the amount it cost at retail. Opportunity to work with jewelry experts. According to CNN Commodities Prices, platinum is $1,538.70 USD per troy ounce. Larger stores will likely have a higher markup than your local independent jeweler. Here at Worthy, we strive to make your selling or financing experience as safe and simple as possible. Other diamond grading laboratories however vary in the reliability of their grading’s and so may be taken with a pinch of salt. James Allen is the leader in online diamond sales. ©2011-2020 Worthy, Inc. All rights reserved. James Allen will send you a paid shipping label to return the ring. Diamonds sold with GIA grading reports are considered more valuable and can command higher prices. While the diamond rings we handle undergo an evaluation similar to the one which may have been carried out by your local jeweler or another grading lab, there is one very important difference: Worthy’s appraisals are 100 percent objective, meaning that no monetary price is assigned. It is so easy and simple, and absolutely risk free. Antique is defined as pieces over 100 years old. This certificate is an independent lab evaluation of the diamond’s quality. Abe Mor gave, hands-down, the best offer, offering us $1,850 for the ring, or about 41% of its original price. Since brick-and-mortar jewelry stores need to pay for things like rent, staff salaries and utilities, their diamond markups can be very high. As we mentioned in the section above, you’ll almost always lose money if you sell your diamond ring or other jewelry. Then we find the market price of platinum, which changes daily. We only trust the best diamond grading lab in the world, GIA, to grade valuables prior to auction. Metal prices fluctuate, so their value changes on a daily basis. We always keep your items within your view during all aspects of testing. or Buy It Now. These are: With this information, diamond buyers will be able to calculate a price for your stone. Outside of a small number of rare or colored diamonds, the vast majority of diamonds have decreased slightly in value over the last few years, making them a poor investment from a price appreciation perspective. Free shipping. These kinds of unknowns cause jewelers to pay less for a ring in order to protect themselves from loss. $5,500.00. Rest assured that Precious Metals Refinery will give you the most money for your valuables. Does where I sell my engagement ring affect the price? 1.00 Ct F/VS Princess Diamond Channel Set Full Eternity Ring, Platinum… This chart from Statistica, for example, shows a more than tenfold increase in the market price of diamonds per carat for the period from 1960 to 2016. While many locations, including local jewelers, have the expertise and equipment to assess your diamond, you must be aware that not all will be entirely objective. It is also important to understand that diamonds are not investments, contrary to popular belief, therefore they will not increase in value. This is done so that any scratches or blemishes can be seen clearly. Our experience enhances every customer transaction and helps us pay you 30-40% more than our competitors. 4. It’s worth noting that Tiffany & Co. charge a very high price for the diamond rings, meaning we were anticipating a significant difference between what we paid and what we’d be offered. In addition to having a GIA graduate gemologist on staff, we also have highly skilled and qualified buyers who perform all tests and evaluations in your presence. When you purchase a diamond from a jewelry store, you not only pay the market value for the diamond — you also pay the markup added to the price by the retail store that’s selling you the diamond. . Metal prices fluctuate, so their value changes on a daily basis. Most of these readers, very understandably, want to get the highest possible price when selling their diamonds. It is carried out by prestigious diamond grading institutes, like GIA or IGI, or by certified gemologists. That’s why we employ loan specialists from Equity Lenders Group, a collateral lender. A diamond ring Blue Nile or James Allen would have a significantly  lower markup, meaning you’ll lose a lower percentage of its original value if you sell it. At Precious Metals Refinery, every item is weighed on a precision scale that has been inspected and approved by the state’s Department of Weights and Measures. PMR’s experts evaluate your items, educate you on the process, and make you an immediate cash offer. Then the diamond is measured with gauges and scales to determine the 4 C’s; cut, color, clarity, and carat size. Learn More. But from all of them, diamond grading institutions are the most objective ones. Top of mind is of course “how much is my ring worth?” and “how do I find out how much my ring is worth?”. Because no two diamonds, vendors or potential buyers are the same, there’s no … In general, the reason your engagement ring is worth less in a resale transaction is the idea of “markup” noted above. We pay up to 40% higher than our competitors. Jewelers have high markups in order to cover expenses such as overhead, marketing, rent etc. Whether your divorce was a mutual decision or initiated by your partner, trying to move on after divorce is equally challenging. These are completely secure and only used by WP Diamonds or our trusted partners. Obviously, jewelry stores and other buyers will usually be willing to pay more for a high quality diamond than for a poor quality one. How Much Can I Sell My Engagement Ring For? How much can I sell my engagement ring for? White Pine Diamonds and Worthy offered us $1,000 (22% of the ring’s retail price) and $1,200 (27% of its retail price, after Worthy’s commission was deducted), respectively. If a competitor gives you a better written offer, we will beat it. We offer no gimmicks or coupons, just the guarantee that you’ll walk out of our store with the most money. Diamonds do have resale value, meaning you’ll be able to get some money back if you decide to sell your diamond ring or other diamond jewelry. Primarily it would depend on the quality of diamond and the place from where you have purchased it. Do keep in mind however that the value of the metal will be minimal in comparison to the value of any gemstones. For over 50 years, Precious Metals Refinery (PMR) has been buying diamonds, jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, watches, and coins. They are known as the 4 Cs: Based on these characteristics, a diamond expert can determine an accurate value for the stone, which can then be used in calculating the overall value of the ring. Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring with GIA cert. HIGH QUALITY PLATINUM 14K GOLD 3CT VS1/G DIAMOND WEDDING/ENGAGEMENT RING 6.5 . These prestigious institutions have the experience and expertise required to provide the most objective, accurate diamond evaluation possible: Worthy provides up to $100,000 in insurance coverage for every shipment. One of the reasons it can be challenging to determine the precise value of an engagement ring is that the price of the gold, silver, or platinum that its band is made of fluctuates daily. We’ve covered these reasons in more detail below. If appraisals don’t state the absolute value of a diamond ring, how do you find out it’s value for resale purposes? Diamond Resale Value: How Much is Your Diamond Worth? The resale value of a diamond can vary hugely depending on its carat weight, color, cut quality, clarity and numerous other factors. If you do not have a diamond certificate or any paperwork with this information, a local jeweler will normally be able to provide this free of charge. To get the best price for your diamond ring, it pays to sell to the experts. We will then provide you with a final price and wire the money into your account or send you a check. Their imaging technology is the same as inspecting a diamond with a jeweler's loupe. Get an instant quote by sending us a photo of your item! Almost gone. As you prepare to sell an engagement ring, it’s helpful to have a general understanding of how rings are priced. Most rings are made of gold, platinum or silver. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. To learn more about this, read the article. Because of the markup that’s applied to diamonds, most jewelers, pawn shops and other buyers will only offer a fraction of what you paid for your diamond if you sell it to them. However, if you know the composition of the material, that figure can be helpful. Then, there’s the markup added to the diamond by the retailer. They also have the nicest collection of lab created diamonds online. We can provide an initial price range based off of the information you provide, but our experts will need to examine the ring in person in order to give you a firm and final price. By pawning your ring, it is only held temporarily by the pawnshop. Something went wrong. For example, WP Diamonds buys diamond jewelry or items that have vintage value — just go here and fill out the valuation form to get an estimated price for your jewelry. However, it is important to note that large retail jewelry stores have higher markups than smaller, local jewelry stores. Stop into PMR today to have our highly skilled buyers, professionally trained, and qualified to accurately assess your items’ true value. Like with every other pre-owned goods, the value will be lower than the retail price you paid for originally. Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, and More, ROLEX, BREITLING, TIFFANY &CO, OMEGA, PATEK PHILIPPE, DAVID YURMAN, Rare, Collectibles, Silverware, Antiques, Estates.

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