This is a poem I wrote a few years ago to use during our kindergartner's graduation ceremony. One of the parents could print it and frame it as a keepsake with a class photo marked with the year, and the teacher could hang it in the classroom as a memento. HIJKLMNOP, We've learned our numbers and ABC's. A Preschool Graduation Poem is a fabulous idea for your childs graduation. We will be adding a wide variety of preschool graduation songs and poems to our site. There isn't any! We've graduated preschool, And we're ready for fun. How much I enjoyed being your teacher. Preschool Graduation Poems Kindergarten Graduation Poems. See more ideas about Preschool graduation, Graduation songs, Preschool poems. ABCDEFG, Graduation day is here, yippee! The following preschool poems are written from different perspectives, and each one is suitable to include in any preschool graduation ceremony. In this section of our pre k website we have a variety of preschool graduation poems, free printable preschool and kindergarten diplomas, preschool graduation songs and useful kindergarten and pre k graduating activities for children on this special day. One day, two days, Three days, four, We're not preschoolers anymore! Roll copies of the poem up like diplomas, tie them with a ribbon, and present one to each graduate. One letter, two letters, Three numbers, four, We learned so much and got to explore! You've learned so many things throughout the year, And you're ready for Kindergarten, have no fear. Preschool Learning Online - Lesson Plans & Worksheets. Start spreading the newsWe're leaving todayWe want to be a part of itFirst Grade, First Grade, We've worked very hardWe're ready to goWe're gonna be a part of itFirst Grade, First Grade, We know our ABC's and our 1,2,3's so wellWe've worked at sounding out words and stories to tell, Just asked us to rhymeWe'll say tens and pens, We've learned to share and get along with all our friends, So now we made it thereWe'll make it anywhereWe're on our wayFirst Grade, First Grade, Sung to: "Twinkle Twinkle littlestar"Kindergarten here we comeWe know we'll have lots of funLots of things to make and doReading Writing Counting tooKindergarten here we comeWe know we'll have lots of fun. Preschool Learning Activities, Pre-K Games & Lesson Plans for Kids. One teacher, two teachers, Three lessons, four, We'll miss them all when we move next door! To Kindergarten we will go, To Kindergarten we will go, Preschool prepared us well To Kindergarten we will go! find out about how she set up her own preschool here. CLEARANCE PRICED ITEMS! You listened to stories and learned to sing songs, You learned how to sit still as the year moved along. Probably the last time as they normally split up and go to different schools. I can only imagine the wonderful things you'll do, So congratulations my student, I'm so proud of you! Fingerplays and rhymes come to life during circle and large group times as preschool children show word meaning through simple actions and finger movements. Still, it's a nice addition to the ceremony, and it just might become a treasured keepsake from your child's preschool days. Whether the poem is whimsical or profound, be sure you select one that is simple enough for young children to understand and relate to. Preschool graduation poems and ideas for kindergarten graduation activities to make this special day an exciting one for the pre k children. Print the poem in a graduation program that can be kept as a keepsake. Sung to: "Twinkle Twinkle littlestar" Kindergarten here we come We know we'll have lots of fun Lots of things to make and do Reading Writing Counting too Kindergarten here we come We know we'll have lots of fun. WXY and Z, We're just as proud as we can be! The simple, rhyming verses could also be recited by the kids at their graduation ceremony. You learned all the shapes and color names, And letters and numbers, and how to play games. Preschool was only the beginning, Now off to Kindergarten you are! This poem by Kelly Roper would make a nice keepsake for a teacher to pass on to his or her students. It includes some super simple sign language. Your lifetime of learning has only just begun, Great things are in store for you, and much more fun. These poems & rhyming ideas help children to get excited about it and their new, upcoming school year. With all the activity and mild chaos that often accompanies a preschool graduation, a poem might not be what you and your child remember most about the day. Preschool Graduation Song 2. In fact, you think I’m really great! The poem could be printed and mounted onto background paper along with each student's individual photo. And now the year has come to an end, Time to say goodbye to all of your friends. Preschool graduation poems and songs and kindergarten poems are fun ways for children and preschoolers to take part & prepare for their special ceremony. Remember the friends that you made here, And so many memories filled with cheer. And my, I’ve learned a lot this year! Remember all the fun we had in all the things we did. Oct 7, 2018 - Explore michelle stables's board "graduation songs" on Pinterest. How fast the years did go ! Graduation Songs for Preschool and Kindergarten. This is another poem by Kelly Roper that could come from a teacher or a parent and be used for a graduation gift. Glue copies of the poems to the back of kites that symbolize the children are ready to fly up to Kindergarten. This could also be a preschool graduation poem. Remember back to the first day of preschool, When you knew no one, and they didn't know you. The teacher can read it to start or end the graduation ceremony or include it on a personal note to accompany each diploma. My next level student, you are a star! All rights reserved. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © 2020 - Preschool Learning Online - Lesson Plans & Worksheets. You could read it as an opening to the ceremony, or read it right before or after the official "commencement." It is also a good time for the kiddies to perform in a group. This type of music should be played before the graduation ceremony and the preschool songs during the ceremony. This sweet poem by Michele Meleen is written from the teacher's perspective to the students. If you play well-known songs such as "You raise me up" by Josh Groban, I can tell you that it will stick like glue. This “thank you” song is too sweet, and there are even some tutorials on it if you go to the Youtube channel! Make your preschooler's graduation extra special when with sweet poems that capture the essence of the moment. You'll always have a place in our heart, Because you gave us such a wonderful start. I can’t believe the end is here. These fun poems can be used with kindergarten and preschool children for the big day as they graduate and move on to ‘big school’ or to grade one from kindergarten. In addition to the suggestions that accompany the poems above, you might also: Preschool graduation songs and poems can be great ways to add meaning to a ceremony without overwhelming the kids.

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