It would be awesome if I could exclude Band 20 and lock it on Band 3 and Band 7. echo I think also you have Telsra model of M1? 4&5 return OK, 6 returns error no matter what I put. command, This command should print something like this. 0000000000000001 (B1), AT!BAND=08,”LTE 800+2600+2100″,0,80041 printf "%-6s%016X\n" "Band" "$BBAND" echo -------------------------------------------------------------------------- CA=$(( $M1 + $M2 + $M3 )) Is there a way to choose 2 bands or even 3 bands for the aggregation? echo MR2=printf "MR-2100 --- AT !Band=03,\"B$N1+B$N2+B$N3+B$N4+B$N5\",0,%X\n" "$CA" 0000000000000002 - B66 I had same issue. Now you can start type AT-commands to console. The Netgear Nighthawk M2 is available in many online stores without a contract and without a SIM lock. Do any of you know how we can do this (if we can)? 00, Auto, 0002000004C00000 00000000080000C5 0000000000000000 printf "%-6s%016X\n" "Band" "$CA" Even device is 4CA, more important is CA-combos. Our Nighthawk M2 aerials and antennas will increase you reception and improve performance. I had B4, B12, and B66 available according to cellmapper dot net. N3=$KEY The M2 and improves your mobile broadband experience with its easier to navigate menus as well as improved data speeds. because it keeps taking the 800Mhz Band 20 and this band is really slow. Hello, the telnet software used in the video is Putty, official website: The band lock is based on Telstra Version. However AT&T version support different bands so this instruction doesn’t add more bands. printf “%s%20s\n” “Band L-bandmask-1” “L-bandmask-2” done echo Thank for good article. The Nighthawk M2 is designed with a sleek premium finish and colorful touchscreen, enhancing the experience of on the go WiFi by making it easier to navigate through menus directly on the device. ps. However i have no idea how to make the bands as you made above Example – B1. 0000000000000004 – B3 ERROR We can see that, based on the technology improvement, Netgear Nighthawk M2 is more advanced than M1, M2 can achieve download speed up to 2Gbps while M1 only half of it. When I run AT!BAND=?, B28 shows up but it is not a selection in the GUI only LTE ALL is in the drop down. Even BETTER if that is possible: Lock these 2 Bands and have band 20 as a reserve incase the other 2 Bands fail. Customer Inquiries: (888) NETGEAR, Superfast mobile broadband internet — up to 2Gbps download/150Mbps upload, Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X24 LTE modem, 4G LTE Advanced Category 20 with 5-band Carrier Aggregation, Ethernet port and 2 USB ports (Type A and C) for media streaming from USB or external hard drives to all connected devices, WiFi/Ethernet offloading capabilities so your device connections move from the car (LTE) to your hotel’s internet, Always-on connection shareable with up to 20 WiFi devices on-the-go, Parental controls filter and scheduled access to online content, 802.11ac and Dual-Band 2.4GHz/5GHz dual concurrent WiFi for increased network performance and reduced interference, Simple, intuitive NETGEAR mobile app user experience to monitor data usage, manage device and network settings from an iOS or Android™ smartphone or tablet, Powerful, long-lasting battery for up to 24 hours of continuous use, Improved JumpBoost feature to charge smartphones and small portable USB devices, Two TS-9 connectors available for optional 4G/3G antennas. I use AT!BAND=08,”LTE B28”,8000000,0 then restart the router but nothing shows up in the GUI. 0000000020000000 – B30 alright , but mine is band 7 not band 38 , i tried do it myself and the result is this AT!BAND=03,”LTE B7+B3″,0,44 MR1100-100EUS (Europe Unlocked) or BBAND=$(( $BBAND * 2 )) AT!BAND=03,”LTE B20 800″,0,80000 You just add B66 + B12. #printf "%s%20s\n" "Band L-bandmask-1" "L-bandmask-2" #printf "%s%20s\n" "Band L-bandmask-1" "L-bandmask-2" See active connected mobile network information with AT!GSTATUS? I’m not a network engineer, so much of the discussion goes over my head, but I think I can handle the putty communication setup spelled out here. Connect your mobile phone to M1 WiFi 2.3 Open the app and log in2.4 Select the band above 2200MHz and monitor the band info2.5 You can buy the modification kit if the band info is correct.Please be aware my modification kit only provide easy access to the internal antenna ports. 3 What will be the commands for 5G router, I have MR5100, tried using the above commands but it lets me select lte only, any help would be apprtiated for 5g bands, Enable manual band selection on Netgear MR1100, Show current connected network information, Show current band selection list and supported bands, Thank you so much and stay safe. To add bands to your Netgear MR1100 device, you must first connect Netgear router to your computer via USB-cable. You can also add multiple bands on same “group”. MR2=printf "MR-2100 --- AT !Band=03,\"B$LBAND\",0,%X\n" "$BBAND" Carrier aggregation (4G+) happens at the command of the tower, and NOT you. It worked perfect on m1 thanks a ton. NETGEAR products are sold in approximately 23,000 retail locations around the globe, and through approximately 22,000 value-added resellers, as well as multiple major cable, mobile and wireline service providers around the world. Although I saw somewhere that only 5 in total allowed, which means that with the 3 existing only 2 more can be added, unless you do replace the others I guess.

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