Contact | They range in price from $1,500 to $2,500 each. is one of our new spotted Jacks. Our Beef Steers. 2019 East Coast Longhorn Classic Sale 0 POs - 34 buyers from 17 states About | ! Herd Sires | Contact Us. TTT: 67.0000 2018 Sale Catalog here, 2018 East Coast Longhorn Classic Sale $3,478 avg Friday Night - $3,606 avg Saturday We have Jennies, Jacks and Yearlings Available. All Rights Reserved. All minature breeds welcome! 0 POs - 26 buyers from 10 states, $3,478 avg Friday Night - $3,606 avg Saturday, $5,396 avg Friday Night - $5,325 avg Saturday.

6 talking about this. Come Meet Flash! Donation lot- She was born 3/30/19 and is also by All Around Cowboy Chex.

On the bottom side she’ll be 3rd generation of lower lateral horn twists. Because they are smaller they eat less and they produce less waste. With all of these admirable traits, it’s no wonder that miniature donkeys are steadily gaining popularity. The miniatures are at least 1/2 the size. Affectionate, soft, cuddly, adorable bundles of fur. looking for, please give us a call. Miniature Hereford Sales Barn. In our breeding program we select for donkeys with the big stride, grace, and balance that are desirable in a top performance animal. for that reason. About Us & Our Farm. IdleWild is a family-owned ranch in the heart of Central Florida and largest breeder of registered Miniature HERITAGE Hereford cattle in Florida. 2019 Sale Catalog here Calf Due Dates & Data. Better yet, what if this hardy pet could live on just a handful of feed and survive up to 35 years or more, meaning that your children and your grandchildren might enjoy its company? 2020 Sale Catalog here They are quite social little companions.

Miniature Texas Longhorns are easier than raising most cattle. She was 42.5”ttt at 17 months +.

TTT: 42.5000 Why Mini Cows. Life Span: 25 - 35+ years ; Weight: 200 - 350 pounds at maturity ; Height: Average 32" - 34" at the withers, maximum 36" Gestation: 11-1/2 - 13 months; Birth: Single baby, averages 20-30 pounds at birth.Foals are up and nursing within 30 minutes and are weaned between 5-6 months of age. Our mission is to Help You raise gentle quality miniature cattle.

2020 East Coast Longhorn Classic Sale Other Breeders - Mini Herefords For Sale.

3 POs - 33 buyers from 14 states Oliver Miniature Acres. From the time this little long ear baby is born, they are constantly seeking attention and wanting to give you love. Her mother is a a Drag Iron granddaughter and goes back to Victory Lap and Tempter. Our Other Babies. General Information. SALE BARN. Semen For Sale. If you don't see what you are on 09/04/2020. Miniature Hereford Bulls. Donation Lot- She was born 4/12/18 by Millennium Futurity Winner All Around Cowboy Chex, one of the first bulls to hit 40” as a yearling. Donkeys | Copyright 2011-2018.Little Long Ears Farm. They love their herd mates as well as their owner. Herd Sires. We currently have animals for sale, including calves, yearlings and bred cows. G&G Texas Longhorns Ann Gravett 3333 Jacks Shop Rd, Rochelle, VA 22738 E-mail: Ranch Manager: Bear Davidson ~ Cell (540) 687-0050 Farm Manager: Shawn Pequignot ~ (540) 406-3155 2020 Sale Catalog here 2020 East Coast Longhorn Classic Sale $5,617 avg 0 POs - 34 buyers from 17 states 2019 Sale Catalog here 2019 East Coast Longhorn Classic Sale $3,478 avg Friday Night - $3,606 avg Saturday 3 POs - 33 buyers from 14 states 2018 Sale Catalog here.

...continue. Menu Home. If you do not see animals listed below that fit your needs or if you would like to learn in more detail what we have available, please Contact Us. $5,617 avg This page was designed to bring buyers and sellers of minature cattle in the State of Florida.

Miniature Donkeys are easily trained to do tricks, pull carts, and with smaller children, ride. For Sale | Flash

Sitemap. information. Cows.

We recommend that they go in pairs just • IdleWild Ranch • heritage Florida Crackers, mini Herefords & “Crackerfords” • Colin and Kelly Furness • Zolfo Springs FL • 954-701-3301 • email • We breeds Miniature Hereford, Lowline Angus and Miniature Panda as well. on 09/04/2020. Brood Jennets | ....continue, We believe Miniature Donkeys were bred to be, and should remain, athletic and capable animals. is the number 1 online cattle marketplace to buy, sell and list cattle for sale. We have many small, young bulls for you to pick from. Home | ... more A mini farm in Texas that wants to help you learn about mini cows. $5,396 avg Friday Night - $5,325 avg Saturday About Mini Cows. Imagine a miniature donkey, with the characteristics of a loving, playful puppy, coupled with the ability to pull a cart or let children ride around on its back. That’s smoking. She measured 67”ttt at 2 years 4+ months.

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