The company claims the outcome – its #LikeAGirl campaign – turned the meaning of a once-derogatory phrase on its head.

Nike: If You Let Me PlayThis film is a mini masterpiece which tackles a big issue in a very elegant way, with swagger and irony. This single, well-planned advertising campaign still affects the way we structure our meals, even more than 70 years later.

It became assimilated into popular culture, woven into books and, famously, the James Bond film Diamonds are Forever.

While the passengers were in the air, a team of volunteers purchased all the gifts. When executed well, don’t just build brand awareness and attract new customers: they can change perceptions, revolutionise a culture, and even completely shift public opinion on controversial issues. One legendary ad campaign has revolutionised the way we view our bodily functions, and helped to make our day-to-day lives smell a little better. See the remarkable campaigns that 15 marketers say they'll never forget. A matter-of-fact, uncontrived approach that goes straight to the point and ends up being very convincing. Effective? It’s a very iconic image that has been used over and over throughout the years and still lives on as an internet meme.

If diamonds have the status they enjoy today, it’s entirely because of De Beers and this campaign. It’s very hard to overrate the impact of the first Nike ad to feature the “Just do it” slogan. Thea Chippendale, a 20-year-old student, received a message from a man on Tinder, an app used as a dating service, who called the outfit a “charity shop job.” She received a flood of supportive comments after sharing the comment and the photo of herself in the dress on Twitter. Back in 2012, … At the time it was incredibly original, and it still holds up today.”, “I’m not a fan of commercial advertising, but one campaign I still remember is a public service ad made by a school and local police in the UK.

That campaign, launched in 1989 after a collaboration between one of the Benetton brothers and photographer Oliviero Toscani, was so bold and different that got everyone talking. The Conservative Party: Labour isn’t WorkingThe best political ad ever? But thanks to the honesty of its tagline, people started seeing the company as different and sympathized with the message.

Many marketers believe that the best marketing campaigns are the ones capable of convincing their target audience to buy the advertised product or service. This excellent piece of work managed to do so – or started to do so – during London 2012. Cashing in on a news story that was making headlines? A journalist at The Telegraph blasted the mannequin for encouraging obesity and “selling women a dangerous lie.”, “The facts are obvious,” wrote Tanya Gold. They also lauded its style: cheerful and lighthearted yet ready to respond to competitors.

Yet, whether we like it or not, history will record the Marlboro campaign as a legendary success – notably in the way it shifted the perception of the brand to appeal to men instead of women. The idea quickly caught on with workers, and employers saw the merit soon after. So what was it about Norwegian Airline’s simple campaign that made it spread like wildfire on social media?

And what does that even mean?

As he reached more than 840mph, Baumgartner broke the sound barrier, the first human to do so without engine power.

How, not long after World War Two, would you try to sell a modest model of German car to consumers in the land of gas-guzzling and slickly styled Ford Thunderbirds, Chevrolets and Studebakers?

However well-meaning, though, the campaign wasn’t universally celebrated. The chrome strip on the glove compartment is blemished, and must be replaced.” Then, for a post-war market in which the maxim ‘bigger is better’ could be applied to nearly all consumer goods, the agency had another deliberately risky message: ‘Think small.’ Later ads in the series surprisingly explained that the Beetle hadn’t changed in its design since 1951 – there had been no evolution to keep up with changing times. 4. P.T. Next to the photos was the phrase ‘The future’s bright, the future’s orange.’ They didn’t say what the ads were for, so you were left wondering. The four campaigns below have had a lasting impact on our society and shaped the way we view the world.

These ads are all drawn from many different walks of life, subjects, industries and social issues. However, the campaign went ahead and spawned dozens of ads (including one directed by Michael Bay) as well as parodies and cultural references in TV shows, movies and more. It also changed the way sports brands address women in their advertising. Benetton, infamously, pursued shock, claiming its ads featuring a dying AIDS patient or the bloody clothes of a dead Croatian soldier were more about communicating ‘social messages’ than promoting fashion.

Marketing campaigns, however dazzling they seem at the time, can often have a short shelf life. The brains behind the marketing departments at companies like Buffer and Zapier. The ‘slogan of the century’ allowed the world’s most expensive jewellery to transcend money. With so many adverts floating past unnoticed, what does it take to create a campaign that really sticks in our minds? “They didn’t retract. Tell us which!

During the 50s, more and more investigations were unveiling the harmful impact of cigarettes on the smokers’ health. From warm words to shock tactics: there are many ways for campaigns to be memorable. 9. The resulting campaign included a video that sought to start a movement and spark a conversation, while hashtag #LikeAGirl became a rallying cry. 15 Transformative Creative Ideas That Changed the World Over the Past Year Leo Burnett's #Undress522 campaign aimed to abolish a Lebanese law exonerating rapists if they married their victims. Despite often being coined as commercials, these ads are a real example of how the best advertising does more than sell things, it changes minds. Probably the last revolution in the marketing world was part of a huge Red Bull promotion and involved a really different perspective. Who knew 2016’s canniest advertising campaign would consist of just three simple words, pinned to the price of a one-way ticket to LA? What Can We Learn From Coca Cola`s Content Marketing Manifest? It’s now been over 100 years since the original campaign launched, and deodorant is still a necessary step in most people’s daily routines. Social media trends 2019: now you see it, now you don’t, What is a business romantic? While the whole car manufacturing world was boasting of new powerful features and made unbelievable claims about performance and life-changing attributes of their products, the agency believed that a simpler approach was perfect for Volkswagen. Prior to 1931, Santa’s depiction was a lot more like that of the 3rd-century bishop (Saint Nicholas) his legend developed from.

Digital marketing experts estimate that the average American is exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements every day. With a more responsible world view, today’s marketers can look back at what made these campaigns successful and seek to create work that resonates through the ages.

Much like bad breath, body odour was around for centuries before a ground-breaking ad campaign convinced consumers that it needed to be fixed. A simple message that was delivered in a clever and provocative way. Needless to say, the movement wasn’t very popular with many employers.

To add insult to injury, the ad copy reported defects in the manufacture: “This Volkswagen missed the boat.

That’s the lesson we can all learn from Avis and its “We’re No. Carlsberg has posted videos and promoted tweets of people criticizing the beer in creative and sometimes vulgar terms. The company was wise not to pursue a headline-grabbing PR stunt, which could have been perceived as inauthentic, Bamberger said. Get in touch today to get started. Almost 90 years later, we’re still depicting Santa just as Coca-Cola did, and Santa has continued to feature in every one of Coke’s Christmas ads since the 1930s. Give Yourself a Coffee Break – and Get What Coffee Gives to You created a legacy, as well as further iterations of the strapline, that lives on, and may do indefinitely.

From politics and automotive, right up to energy and fashion, the unifying thread is their ability to help us think bigger than we otherwise would. After Popeyes introduced its chicken sandwich, some customers on Twitter compared it to Chick-fil-A, well-known for chicken meals.

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