And you want to have table one, two, three and four. It's going to be something like something connected to something. You see this 2 right here, right? and I checked it out. Lottery Predictor, Chicago, Illinois. first place. is there. this is supposed to work guys, that we want to get the number with the 2 in the Many people have brushed me off but I work with simplistic ideas and because they are so simple players tend to try and make rocket science of common abstract thinking. It doesn’t mean anything useful . your free download. They’re just balls bouncing around. Lookup the last 3 drawing result for the pick 3 lottery you want to do the rundown for. And that’s just the same if you’re doing it for your own ego, entertainment, or if you’re paying money to some charlatan to buy that ‘system’. The past is just that – the past as far as exact repeats go. 8-6-3; none of that I have the data from day one of each lottery. you just kind of see it. 10K likes. Good luck to everyone and don’t forget if you are not having fun then it is not worth it! If you can figure out, and that was my thing, I couldn't figure it out. If you enjoyed our Simple Pick 3 Tic Tac Toe Rundown tutorial then you should also enjoy this flip number tutorial. clicking below, you agree that we may process your information in accordance with these Because I was playing it on paper and it just was really, really hard to know which ones to pick out of that. Now create a chart of the most recent hits in your state with the actual hit on the left and the low to high number on the right. We cannot say often enough that it is impossible to predict future lottery numbers based on past results. Place these results into the tic tac on the left. We offer FREE Online Lottery Numbers, Lottery and Lotto Forecasts for every Lottery State and Country, Free Monthly Newsletter and the best Lottery Prediction Software available. That was my whole confusion on it. a year now. I mean, it’s easy to 3 out of 5 every single time on Pick 5 – if you play a large enough wheeling system. want to put all the numbers in the same spot that you see it in, just like how What Are The Odds Of Winning The Lottery vs Getting Struck By Lightning? When they’re not really. And is really, really short so don't worry about that. Try using Excel function LINEST(chronological list of the lowest numbers drawn), combined with SLOPE and Y-INTERCEPTION. So you're rarely going to get it straight like this with this tic tac toe method or are coming down like this. And finally we see a 9 in the last place. You need all and let's see the results. It came out how many days; one, two, three days later. I like to use patterns like diagonals or top to bottom. It’s a bit confusing because there is an Excel function called DELTA, which actually just tells you if two numbers are equal or not. And this is what I got a lot of the times guys, which is why I'm saying, really it was like a 10/15% win rate. As you'll see here; 1,2,3 – all down here. And then that's the end of the month there. This is comments page 1. play and you want to take those three digits and you want to implement them in In the Rundown system you cross off the most recent pairs from the 55 pairs until you have 27 pairs left. It’s hard to comment further on the figures you’re quoting as there isn’t enough data here. Okay. But Hi, I have been playing using Excel with Lotto 649 and Super 7 in Canada for many years. This is better done in your journal; tracking all of these pairs in your head will not work. Starting with the most recent draw....cross off the 3 (or two pairs) from todays number from the list of 55 pairs. I must admit I have never won a significant lottery so far. With a calculator, you don't need a superb mathematical skill to know the combinations that will give you the best advantage of winning. Your email address will not be published. 18. That's what we're going to be working with. What you will see is that one of these 27 pairs will hit almost every day in the next 7 days. Okay, it's the third day; 3-2-6. terms. Your email address will not be published. This is Kacy here. Pick 4 Multuple Lines Rundown Worksheet. We started out with 4-5-3 that was on the 27th. So the Then right going to come down here and you're going to type in 5-3-7. And But you guys wanted to know, so let's talk about how to play the Tic Tac Toe lottery system for the pick 3 lotto games. I mean it's all Please can you explain in full details how you do it? So it's this one; 5-3-7. But ‘deltas’ more generally refers to the difference between two numbers, i.e. So we come down here, we put in Which doesn’t necessarily mean you’re winning anything. 3-2-6, 7-1-8, 2-6-2, 7-0-5. So you want to 4-2-6. This way I predict 4-5 out of 6 numbers to be drawn. So the 2-3-9 that came on Draw 2 tic tac toe grids side by side. 1. Okay. It is right here with the 4-2-6 as well. Or that those numbers are doing any better than random luck (depending on the size of the wheel/how many combinations you’re playing). Not sure who you were commenting to..? quick, okay. And then the 5 in the second place, is going to be the s7-5-9. Instead of waiting around for them to hit, it’s better to come up with a new list of 27 pairs. I was trying to find out the way how to use the LINEST function. Because it's way less complicated and it has a way higher rate of wins. Every month the numbers in this tip sheet are hitting. the delta of ball 8 and ball 15 is 7 etc. I let the players choose their own numbers from the very short list that I give to work from. We will treat your information with respect. So you can check it out for yourself. You know, I'm just going to stick to the cash 3 strategies that I have on this channel that I do myself. Previous Previous post: CASH 3 LOTTERY PREDICTIONS FOR MARCH 2019. And where do we The important thing here if you’re evaluating what you’re doing, is to know what you’re comparing with. Much the same as the mirror number rundown, the flip number rundown relies on simple number replacement within a simple tic tac toe grid in order to come up with your next Pick 3 numbers to play. To use this system you first have to know the 55 pairs. YouTube Channel. For more Resources for helping you pick your lottery numbers from Lottery Predictor including rundown workout sheets and other prediction workout sheets. If you look closely there is a Delta Function. It just wasn't that great. Hi K.C. So let's say 2-3-9 from the 19th. So for the next play or two, we should be having Um, I will throw this in with the guide. So you want to take the 5 four tables to even implement this method. 12, 18, and 28 are the pairs. The pattern that I use sets the rundown and the rundown is converted to a …5 x 6… or a …6 x 5… setup. I'm going to probably make a couple more videos with different states so that Keep working on it though, lol. Unless that you use an assorted amount of pattern predictability in your tool kit, you won’t understand what it is that I am saying. You keep crossing off pairs one by one. Then do the same from yesterday’s numbers, then from the number before that...and so forth. to a new table. after that was 9-7-8, 1-1-5, 4-1-6. don’t see any eights. So apart from being of passing interest to us geeks who like numbers, it doesn’t actually give any benefit in terms of chances of winning? That is why I'm telling you guys, if you don't have my free guide, you need to go on ahead down and the link below and you need to get that. 3-8-5; none of that is there. If you’re predicting a number 11, what’s the thinking behind picking 10 and 12 too (the balls don’t ‘know’ they are adjacent numbers)? 5. And thanks so much. So here we are. do see the method and how you know, it's kind of moving around. I’m an excel guy myself and very interested in testing your system in the current lottery that I’m trying to crack, could you send me the spreadsheet that you have mentioned here, using LINEST combined with SLOPE and Y-INTERCEPT. Now, if you want to get a copy of this here, if you want to get a copy of this cash 3 strategy, you can click the links down in the description are in the comment section below. 0-0-8; none of that is there. That works great for us over here but I know that you guys were With this cash 3 lottery method or with this formula, okay, there we go. And here you'll But surely Teufel whatever method you use to pick a subset of numbers – you’re going to find some of the winning numbers appear in that subset..! 2-3-9; none of that is there. And this is the problem with spreadsheets… people often apply all sorts of numeric manipulation on lottery numbers, because, hey, they’re numbers right! Hi Teufel. – those figures do look a little guessed – 80%, 40%, 20%..? Follow these simple steps to find your next Pick 3 numbers. So redo the process all over again; start with the 55 pairs and cross off half of them and get a new list of 27 pairs. So you’re saying you can use tools to predict patterns in the results, but not any actual results..? What you will see is that one of these 27 pairs will hit almost every day in the next 7 days. In the Rundown system you cross off the most recent pairs from the 55 pairs until you have 27 pairs left. You can also get my guide, which is totally free. Good luck and look for more Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery rundown instructions later. The answer to each days win shows in these constructs. However it still matters what lottery numbers you pick because some numbers lead to bigger prizes if you do win. 6-0-9, there is no Os. Free pick 3 lottery Tic Tac Toe rundown worksheet from Lottery Predictor. 40% of the time 2 out of 4 on Pick 4. Pick 4 Tic Tac Toe Rundown Worksheet. But I tried different states. $19,070 WON WITH MY CASH 3 LOTTERY PREDICTIONS PROOF INSIDE, Customer Review Testimonial Of 3 Hits In 10 Days With This System, CASH 3 LOTTERY PREDICTIONS NOVEMBER 2020 LOTTERY PREDICTOR, CASH 3 LOTTERY PREDICTIONS OCTOBER 2020 LOTTERY PREDICTOR. Why Does My Lottery Ticket Say See Retailer? I 50 packed pages of Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery numbers for November 2020! So you're the one at this. something with the 5 in the first place. - Strictly Mathematics: Knowing is Winning!. 50 packed pages of Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery numbers for November 2020! This is a great blog and I agree 100%. - Lottery Prediction Network: All the numbers you need!. So far I have been hitting: 80% of the time 2 out of 3 on Pick 3. 6. The Rundown system helps you find the most due pairs. Okay. Next Next post: CASH 3 LOTTERY PREDICTIONS FOR APRIL 2019. 1. I also include adjacent numbers (i.e. We go 2-3-9. A $500 TRIPLE HIT PAY DAY ON THE PICK 3 LOTTERY! And finally we have a 6 here. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ae788725c0fc877ae4d09c7e9aa5886a" );document.getElementById("c74b8e9aed").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thank you for signing up. Notify me of followup comments by email, [Q] I’ve been analyzing all my past lottery results over the years and whilst I know these things are supposed to be random, there is a pattern.…, Lottery Number Patterns: Analysing Results Reveals The Unusual. The pairs that will hit now will come from both the new set of 27 pairs and the 8 most due pairs from the previous set. So this is what I mean. Lottery Predictor is the premier source for Lottery Predictions and tools for all US lotteries including Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life and state lotteries including Pick3 and Pick 4 drawings.

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