>> endobj /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] �(��E)*z����SQJ4 ��w���b:��;L CJ�X�M��ƛ_��h ���@�h(&�N5k$����W������1�ט�P�4�i^ J0��(LDEB����%\l~��C���n �_ֹ�5�_�~q��D�!��vg7�h:�.�n�{�O!jj�O��R���?���M�"}t�G�1����:[�(9�K���]��Tn�endstream /Resources 14 0 R /Contents 13 0 R 2 0 obj << In any of these analyses there are some questions about what exactly is counted… but what we care about is that there are, You can check out an interactive version of the history through Marshmallow at. There are two programming languages we will be working with in this course: Java: Android code (program control and logic, as well as data storage and manipulation) is written in Java. As of 2016, this program has been superceded by the Pixel range of devices. /Contents 3 0 R It’s often cleaner to write out the layouts and content in code. Writing Android code will feel a lot writing any other Java program: you create classes, define methods, instantiate objects, and call methods on those objects. endobj We’re going to target Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3, API 15) for most this class, as the earliest version of Android most our apps will support. c�PU�O��6s��u�BI�^��C���J^4� 9*�g�R�C���G�-x“&�C����"�vl���kY�|�j��d���*�(-?O��^���������P�endstream /Type /Page Android is incredibly popular! 21 0 obj << 2007: Google announces the Open Handset Alliance, a group of tech companies working together to develop “open standards” for mobile platforms. ��ۺ*�7�j��M6�� �ؑ��b$���i�`MW�,�.���`�mƉ���Z���1�;'�T@���׸.���� �a���ݸ�f\X/1/����~��tU9�;� :�_� So overall: Android is a growing, evolving platform that is embedded in and affecting the social infrastructures around information technology in numerous ways. But we’ll need a device to run the app on, so let’s make an emulator! It converts the raw input data into information, which is useful to the users. In either case, make sure you have enabled. Strings Introduction to Strings – Reading and writing a string – String operations (without using built-in string functions): Length – Compare – Concatenate – Copy – Reverse – Substring – Insertion – Indexing -Deletion – Replacement – Array of strings – Introduction to Pointers – Pointer operators – Pointer arithmetic – Exercise programs: To find the frequency of a character in a string – To find the number of vowels, consonants and white spaces in a given text – Sorting the names. Note that if you are unfamiliar with Android devices, you should be sure to play around with the interface to get used to the interaction language, e.g., how to click/swipe/drag/long-click elements to use an app. Dont forget to download iStudy for latest syllabus and results, class timetable and more. While we’ll revisit this in more detail in the next lecture, it’s useful to start seeing how the framework is structured: We’ll start with the MyActivity Java source file. 3 0 obj << You can always edit this emulator later (Tools > Android > AVD Manager). Visual Basic.NET Programming Introduction to Visual Basic.NET VB.NET Programming Environment (Review) (Part I of IV) (Lecture Notes 1A) Prof. Abel Angel Rodriguez 2008: First Android device is released: the HTC Dream (a.k.a. The verdict was appealed to the Supreme courset in 2015, who refused to hear the case. >> endobj >> endobj �=Jtx��+�1��������������=.�k�bcv���L�ظ�A8�Ynv���w�~�k�IFc? The biggest of these is Oracle v Google. This course focuses on Android Development. 2014: Android Wear, a version of Android for wearable devices (watches) is announced. /Parent 10 0 R We can also consider what the application code does. Android Studio provides the main build system: all of the other software (Java, Gradle) goes to support this. The detail syllabus for introduction to c programming is as follows. The Open Handset Alliance now (2017) includes 86 companies. The signed .apk files are basically the “executable” versions of your program! See also: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/resources/available-resources.html, or Lecture 3. /Length 1289 )On �B@�8+����Tޱ�DuѮԤD���G8o��ߥa�V�L��H�$2�=%@��o��-�ٝ��b There have been other legal challenges as well. The details of the course are: course code (OCS752), Category (OE), Contact Periods/week (3), Teaching hours/week (3), Practical Hours/week (0). Text Book: Reema Thareja (Chapters 6 and 7), Structures Introduction to structures – Declaration – Initialization – Accessing the members – Nested Structures – Array of Structures – Structures and functions – Passing an entire structure – Exercise programs: Compute the age of a person using structure and functions (passing a structure to a function) -Compute the number of days an employee came late to the office by considering his arrival time for days (Use array of structures and functions), Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to.

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