Should Mary’s politics influence Christian political imagination today. One of the earliest details that Luke mentions in his biography of Jesus is that Mary sang when she first learned that she was pregnant with the Messiah.


This, then, is how and when Jesus became Jesus in the shadow of Rome’s imperial power. In God's kingdom, after all, there is only one class of citizen, because all have inherited the same birthright from their heavenly father. Jesus’ radical politics In his kingdom, enemies are loved, the marginalized prioritized, and wealth inequality exposed for the sham it is.

Reza Aslan on the specific meaning of biblical zeal and its implications. Indeed, scholars question whether Joseph disappeared or simply died, since he plays virtually no role in Jesus’s story, which may have contributed to the rabbinic tradition that Jesus was an illegitimate child (see John 8:41).

Jesus is alive, we sing each spring, and now let's get on with lilies and chocolates and bunnies and think about what his resurrection means for us — namely, that we get to go to heaven when we die, and perhaps more important, a lot of other people don't. When we hold our babies for the first time, we might imagine that they’re clean slates unmarked by life, when in fact they have already been shaped by us and the particular world we live in… First of all, they learn the sound of their mothers’ voices.

Under the colonial rule of the Roman Empire, it was the magnificent anthem of a radical young woman who ached for a new order in which the dominated would be liberated and the oppressors would be thrown down.

One of Jesus' more cryptic sayings is found in Matthew's Gospel. Note: This op-ed was first published April 1, 2015 by The Boston Globe. Actor and comedian John Fugelsang gives us his take on Jesus in just one sentence, …

Despite all these warnings, I’m still an active Christian.

So, his mother’s singing was the beginning of Jesus’s political consciousness. ... Ocasio-Cortez said Jesus may very well be called a radical by today's standards because he spoke about loving enemies and embracing strangers. Jesus and Politics by Marcus J. Borg. He is suing a Catholic hospital for canceling his hysterectomy. Jesus was big on fuel economy with all of his possessions, I hear. Jesus’ passion for the kingdom of God led to his passion in the narrower sense of the word: his arrest, suffering, and death. Applying Paul’s research, we can assume that this is what Jesus knew and loved in the voice of his mother before he knew anything else. As my brother said, “Jesus was no Care Bear”. Please let us know if you're having issues with commenting. Some of the most important learning we ever do happens before we’re born while we’re still in the womb. Second, he publicly indicted the temple as “a den of robbers” because it had become the center of collaboration with Roman imperial rule and taxation (Matt 21:13, Mark 11:17, Luke 19:46).

The Gospels make it very clear who was responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion.

Thank you for your patience as we work towards bringing this back. Like many of us, Jesus grew up listening to his mother sing.

First-century Jews held various views on Scripture and practice, but they generally agreed on the centrality of Torah, temple, land, and Israel as the covenant community. The tragic irony, of course, is that, as the Gospel of Luke teaches, Jesus' ministry is inaugurated with the announcement that the Spirit of the Lord compels him to preach good news to the poor. In the provincial outpost that constituted Jesus' earthly experience, the Roman Empire's political oppression and economic exploitation hit home. Take note of anything that quotes Jesus; it’s what matters most.

The report pointed to the Trump administration’s "conscience rule" that would have cleared the way for doctors to avoid medical procedures on religious grounds. Of course they aren't. A more careful look at the Gospels, however, might offer a much less sentimental, much more startling picture of the original Easter message, which was decidedly not, "Jesus is alive, and here's what that means for the next world." Evan Minton was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a medical condition where a person experiences deep discomfort with the gender assigned them at birth, according to the American Psychiatric Association. Yoder presses beyond the question of whether Jesus was political to ask what sort of politics is the mark of Christian discipleship."

One senator asked whether she considered herself an Orthodox Catholic.

If you’re someone who is beginning to explore what it means to be Christian, here are a few warnings for you based on my own, often frustrating and painful, experience of exploring Christianity. I know a lot of Christians I find a lot ignorant, hypocrite and most don't understand that basic teachings of Jesus. There is a brutally agonizing world here and now, and to pretend otherwise is either naive or morally bankrupt. What would Jesus do if he showed up today, say, in Washington, D.C.? Do not retaliate. During His earthly ministry Yahshua Christ continually distinguished Himself from the Jews, and there are clear examples of this in the words of Christ recorded at John 8:31-47 and John 10. Jesus’ Radical Politics In his kingdom, enemies are loved, the marginalized prioritized, and wealth inequality exposed for the sham it is. He has brought down rulers from their thrones but has lifted up the humble. The problem In this book, Yoder confronts the linked problems that, firstly the church fails to understand Jesus as the radical figure he was, and secondly, a huge chasm exists between who Jesus was and …

This is the same Jesus, after all, who is rumored to be the friend of tax collectors. “Fact is, if today Christ himself came to the floor of Congress and repeated his teachings, many would malign him as a radical and eject him from the chamber,” she continued: Sick and tired of Republicans who co-opt faith as an excuse to advance bigotry and barbarism. If that doesn't sound particularly scandalous today, imagine you're hearing it for the first time while living in the Roman Empire. The finger of God, they reluctantly acknowledge, is mightier than the strongest arm of any world leader. Take it all with a grain of salt and a critical mind. Another told her the dogma lives loudly within you and that is of concern,” he added, reminding lawmakers that “Article 1 clearly prohibits religious tests for serving in public office.”, 2020 ElectionPoliticsAlexandria Ocasio-CortezCatholic ChurchChuck Grassleyreligion. These aren’t “hard facts” he would have us believe, but more like fallacies. “The natural unselfishness of a good mother is something magnificent.”, Dietrich Bonhoeffer in a letter from prison to Eberhard Bethge on March 25, 1944. You realize "Jesus " (and ALL religions) are mythical...exactly like the Easter Bunny...or Santa. More such distinctions are made by the gospel writers, especially by John, such as at 7:1 and 9:22. Please check your browser settings to ensure that it is not blocking Facebook from running on The Christian holiday, two days before Easter Sunday, that commemorates Jesus' death. What we can imagine that Jesus would probably do — indeed what he definitely did do, is to suddenly, without warning, announce that his new kingdom is breaking in upon all of us, has broken in upon us, and that this kingdom is almost the exact reversal of what any of us thought kingdoms were supposed to be. (The next book, John, also quotes Jesus but is the least consistent of these four books.).    |    Terms of Use I struggled with what it means to me.

One comedian singled you out and I was... Facebook comments not loading? (Aslan, “Zealot”, 2013). For Jesus and Judaism, God is passionate about the world. Professor, Oregon State University. as well as into what he thought about his kingdom: that, though it's ultimate fulfillment will be in the future, look around you — it's already here.

", The administration denied the claims in a response to the Huffington Post, and said the Democrats are working to distort the president's record and refuse to acknowledge "any action he’s taken to protect and promote LGBTQ Americans.". Please consider becoming a Sustaining Patron with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing, between a cup of coffee and a good meal. In this message from …

Many years later, we know that Mary partied with Jesus at rural weddings (John 2:1-12), went on the road with Jesus as he ministered, and stood near to Jesus as he was brutally executed as an enemy of the state and religious heretic (John 19:27). Creation is transformed, alleluia, and therefore let us embrace the strangers in our midst.

Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. This is the same Jesus who, as Luke recounts, tells his followers that if just one of their sheep wanders away from the fold, they are to leave the 99 and go after the one percent. I will not cry when you tell me to cry.

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Become an ambassador of neighbor-love for our world.

Brandon Ambrosino covers culture and religion for Meet the Democratic and Republican candidates that are running against Ocasio-Cortez for her seat that represents New York’s 14th Congressional district. I find Jesus’s story and teachings incredibly inspiring, even though it’s around 2,000 years old! This is the political meaning of Good Friday. Ocasio-Cortez said Jesus may very well be called a radical by today's standards because he spoke about loving enemies and embracing strangers.

Faith and Science: Loving Our Neighbor During COVID-19, Othering: A Virus More Dangerous than COVID-19, Personal Update: Neighbor-Love in Abidjan, Heaven: The Bible’s Revolutionary Vision of Justice, Liberation, and Hope, The Art of Listening: How Men Can Support Women, Marriage: God’s Counter-Cultural Love Story, Remembering Jean Vanier: The Tender Rebel We Need Today, Resurrection: What We Believe and Why It Matters, The End of Revenge: Easter’s Silent Miracle. I wrote this piece from the heart, but I am by no means an expert on Christianity. The Lord’s Prayer speaks of God’s kingdom coming on earth, even as it already exists in heaven. But has sent the rich away empty. Blaming them for it is like being stabbed by a knife wielding assailant—and blaming the knife. It is often claimed by some today that the Romans killed Christ, being responsible for the crucifixion, and both the Romish and many Protestant “churches” often parrot this nonsense. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Monday declared that she is “sick and tired of Republicans” co-opting faith to “advance bigotry and barbarism” and surmised that many lawmakers would likely eject Jesus from the chamber over his “radical” views. That's nice...but other Christians have told me that Jesus holds deeply conservative values: he despises homosexuals, insists that life begins at conception, condemns anyone who doesn't believe in him, and assures us that all we have to do to get him to come back is destroy the only planet we have to live on. He is here about his father's business. Weird that you would only read part of something and assume that only the part that matches your preferences would also match God.

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