I’m sure you’ve seen them. Especially if you have to ride the packed trains in big cities like Tokyo, it’s extremely easy to catch a cold. While surgical masks have been highly sought after this year, Joe Biden rubber masks are also seeing some demand. It really helps. I think he thought that i was probably sick and should wear a mask. I usually use Cetirizin as medicine and it works fine for me. If you didn’t bring a mask, they usually sell it to you right there. Sometimes if your in a bus or public place it helps. Not being considerate by not wearing a mask is considered to be rude! It was weird and I had the feeling that I couldn’t breathe properly. Traditional Japanese Masks-History, Types and Meaning. Copyright © 2020 The Washington Times, LLC. I use these daily during school hours. There are masks with nice aromatic flavors or masks where you can insert a wet sheet to cure your stuffed nose overnight. ^^. Wednesday, November 11, 2020, Politically Unstable is back! And mind you, Japanese trains are not the only crowded place! Then, the masks come in handy. I had hay fever in japan and my nose was running a lot. Anyway, thanks for your delightful posts! I agree to the storage and handling of my data requested in this form. Please enable JavaScript and reload this page. In my experience Japanese people do wear sunglasses, but maybe a lot of them forget to use them in the winter time? In high-density cities where people spend hours each day in close quarters with strangers, masks offer a bit of protection from the spread of airborne illness, and so much more. Many people assume the Japanese wear surgical masks because they’re sick, but the number one reason for wearing them is actually due to allergies. These are the ones that work best for me, sizewise. Then, it’s also suggested to wear a mask. “Biden’s keywords are dialogue and healing, so we created it with the image of a gentle expression,” said Kouki Takahashi, from the administration department of Ogawa Studios. - TOP STORIES TAKASKI.COM sells only made in Japan products with FREE SHIPPING from Tokyo - Japanese beauty, cosmetics, food, healthcare, handmade, baby, manga & anime, home & kitchen. However, after almost a decade of living in Japan, I came to love them. But often it’s all in your heand anyway and if masks help you to feel better, then it already does the job perfectly. ;). When you’re sick in Japan, it’s expected that you wear a mask in order to prevent your germs from spreading. Storage: Store in a well-ventilated place with relative humidity below 80%; avoid high temperatures and exposure to flame. As well as a modern type of masks, traditional masks have been playing an important role in the Japanese … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Trump and Biden masks are both sold for 2,400 yen ($23) apiece in Japan. At night it was as cold as -20°C. Thank you for these insights. The Remaining 12 Original Japanese Castle Keeps. Category search results for Surgical Masks on HKTVmall Online Shopping

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