/* Then, we Spray painted the base black, and screwed the pumpkins on into there proper place. You will need to start a Vixen Profile specifically for this application. The rest of the video image is black, or no light when translated to a projection. It didn't work correctly with 9600 for me. int i = 0;     // Loop counter     analogWrite(Chan4, incomingByte[3]);      //Light 1 int Chan4 = 9;     //PWM-Light 1 Please help. Now its time to make them talk. Let me know how it goes!   pinMode(Chan5, OUTPUT); I needed to change the baud rate to 57600 though. The cut you make when cutting in half will be the shape of the mouth, so plan ahead. 7 years ago I just can't figure it out what I'm doing wrong... Can you help me by providing a script with 8 servos? Connect your speakers to your projector via Bluetooth and place one on either side of your porch (or wherever you have set the pumpkins up). I also used dubro hinges for radio control airplane control surfaces and some control horns on the backs of the pumpkins so the insides of the mouth look a little cleaner. I just learned how to use Vixen 3.0, but need to figure out how to get it to work with the Arduino. int Chan7 = 12;     //extra Point the projector towards where your pumpkins will be. This is where my arduino, board, and battery will sit while in use. Building this in class.     val1 = incomingByte[0];                   As I said, I am not to familiar with this software, and this is a shot in the dark. Then We drilled/poke holes through where we wanted the LEDs to be. The Arduino will have to be plugged into a computer during operation, so a laptop is handy. Plug the wires into your homemade board, and hook the Arduino up to it using PWM pins 3, 5, and 6. The LED's are fairly self explanatory. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Never used Vixen and so I have no idea how to even get started. Enjoy! Pictures coming soon. Then We drilled/poke holes through where we wanted the … int Chan5 = 10;    //PWM-Light 2     val2 = map(val2, 0, 255, 0, 45);    //Change the last number according to how far you want the pumpkin to open. It is one of our favorite holidays and we start decorating in September so we can enjoy it longer. Make your pumpkins look their best. Time to program the songs using vixen. Halloween Pumpkin With a Moving Animatronic Eye | This Pumpkin Can Roll Its Eye. So, If im looking at this right, when you open vixen 3, you will want to press "configure controllers," then "add new controller," and click on Generic Serial. Attach your projector mount to an area directly across from that. Feed the wires out the back of the pumpkins. Set your pumpkins up so that the faces line up on them properly.     val1 = map(val1, 0, 255, 0, 45);    //Change the last number according to how far you want the pumpkin to open. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=r24157lUlvw I found I had to rearrange the pins... the servo.h library disables PWM on pins 9 and 10, even if there are no servos there, so I moved two of the servos to pins 9 and 10, then I was able to modulate the brightness of all the led's. I was able to figure it out and get everything working correctly. Thanks for the great project idea. After they were cut, we painted the eyes black. Clifford The Big Red Dog Party Ideas: Cupcake Recipe & Table Decoration Craft, Super Funny New Year’s Eve Memes That Will Have You Chuckling, Super Easy DIY Infinity Stone Easter Eggs, stand or table (we made our own to fit our Halloween decor look). int pos = 0; This is for my convenience.   Pumpkin1.attach(3); on Introduction. We have ours attached to the ceiling of our front porch. Did you use Vixen 2.0? Thanks again for the excellent job. Great project.   pinMode(Chan6, OUTPUT);       digitalWrite(Chan7, incomingByte[6]);       //Extras Can't wait for Halloween!     // read the oldest byte in the serial buffer: This is cool, but the video has been blocked due to copyright violation. Meet Your New Best Dino Friends From Disney’s Gigantosaurus With This Fun Craft!   This code runs vixen through the arduino, usining pins 3, 5, and 6 with I am at the point of getting the servos mounted correctly. Take out songs, order them however you want, and put together your own show. I could not figure out why PWM was not working in my test. For the eyes, we didn't carve all the way through to the inside. on Introduction. Okay, so your setup is now complete. Once setup, adjust the program angles to your pumpkins, as noted in my program. They have a nightly show starting in October and we have become sort of famous for it in our little city. I did use vixen 2.0 with these pumpkins. The cut you make when cutting in half will be the shape of the mouth, so plan ahead. { Your thoughts above were correct, btw. I've tried the settings above and it worked with 3 servos.   Pumpkin2.attach(5); Very nice! 5 years ago Thanks again, your pumpkins look awesome! My family likes to go big for Halloween. Load the singing pumpkins file to your projector. For the eyes, we didn't carve all the way through to the inside. My Arduino Code uses the generic serial protocol. im having problems getting it to run on vixen 3.5 any help would be appracticed, 8 years ago Clicking on "configure Controller," you should be able to choose the same port that your arduino is plugged into, and it should work! We will be using the "Generic Serial" port to align these two awesome resourses. 6 years ago     } Make sure you have both Arduino and Vixen installed on your computer. int Chan3 = 6;     //PWM-Servo 3 int Chan1 = 3;     //PWM-Servo 1   3 seperate servos; pins 9, 10, and 11 are used for 3 LED circuits with PWM; And thanks for pointing out the detail in Pins.    if (Serial.available() >= 8) { 8 years ago     for (int i=0; i<9; i++) {

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