The temperature seldom reaches 30 °C (86 °F), but most days in July reaches 22 °C (72 °F) or more. In return, they were to receive a variety of trading privileges and a ten-year tax exemption. Det utgjør nesten halvparten av det norske iskremmarkedet. Its classified as oceanic climate (Köppen: Cfb) or humid continental climate (Dfb) by 0 °C isoterm due to marginality through Eurasia and North Atlantic Current. One of the largest pre-Christian burial grounds in South Norway was formerly located to the south and west of the church. Lund is the second largest borough in Kristiansand with a population of 9,000 inhabitants in 2012. The municipality (originally the parish) is named after the island, Randøen (now known as Randøya). Tourism is important in Kristiansand, and the summer season is the most popular for tourists. The hospital has departments in Vågsbygd and Oddernes. There are also churches located at Flekkerøy, Hellemyr, Hånes, Justvik, Oddemarka (Oddernes), Randesund, Strai (Torridal), Tveit and Voie. But beginning in the second half of the 1990s, business increased in momentum with the development of enterprises for marine and offshore equipment, security technology and drilling. In 2014 it was most reported cases there in the entire city. Kristiansand[a] (/ˈkrɪstʃənsænd/,[3][4] also US: /ˈkrɪstiənsɑːn/,[5] Norwegian: [krɪstjɑnˈsɑnː] (listen)), historically spelled Christianssand and Christiansand, is a city and municipality in Agder county, Norway. It should also dug a channel within the fortress, so this again is left on an island. Around the seal of the city is its motto, Cavsa Triumphat Tandem Bona, "A good cause prevails in the end".[13]. Varodd Bridge is a large bridge and a part of E18, which stretches over Topdalsfjorden. Hennig-Olsen Is satt verdensrekord i 2015 med Verdens største krone-is. The park has an area of 670,000 m2 (7,211,820 sq ft) and over 5,000 workplaces. [32] This is also the new home of Agder Theatre, founded in 1991. Line 13, 15, 19, 32 and 30 comes north for Kvadraturen and goes by Grim torv. Although adding the numbers of boys and girls together, the largest number of crime for the age was 14. In addition the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage endowed a cultural free port, Porto Rico, as one of the pilot projects of its "value creation project" in the 2000s. A new catamaran built by Australian shipbuilding company Austal will enter service at the start of summer 2020 and replace Fjord Cat. This is the second most visited attraction in Norway, after Holmenkollen, and had 925,000 visitors in 2012. The University College builds on Noroff's existing vocational school which originally opened in 1987. Henning August Olsen (3. října 1890 – 26. ledna 1975) byl norský rychlobruslař. The Quart festival was an annual music festival that took place in Kristiansand over five days in early July. Kristiansand Avis (Kristiansand Newspaper) is a free newspaper paid by ads, and is delivered to all households in the region except Lillesand, Birkenes and Iveland. Tveit is home to Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik. The newspaper is focused on staying closed to the local people. The street has its run from Vestre Strandgate to Elvegata. residential and industrial areas. Na MS 1913 byl pátý, v letech 1912 a 1914 víceboj na světových šampionátech nedokončil. County road 471 is the largest road in downtown Kristiansand. Line 40, 42, 45, 46 and 50 stops in Kristiansand Bus Terminal expect in the rush hours, while M1, M2, M3, 12, 17 and 18 continues to Henrik Wergelands gate, UiA, Rona, then their destinations. There has been a settlement here since the Stone Age. The local city buses in Kristiansand has their main stop in Kvadraturen with city terminals in the streets Henrik Wergelands gate (eastbond or end for westbound) and Tollbodgata (westbound or end for eastbound), both streets crosses Markens gate. A new bus terminal was constructed in 2019, replacing the old and outdated building from 1960. Most crim-cases reported in Kristiansand takes place on Kvadraturen. Distance from Kristiansand to other cities:[41], The University of Agder was established in 2007, based on Agder College, which had been founded in 1994 by the amalgamation of six previous institutions: Kristiansand Teacher Training College, Agder District College, Kristiansand College of Nursing, Arendal College of Nursing, Agder Engineering and District College (Grimstad) and Agder Conservatory of Music. St. Josef hospital was a catholic hospital located at Kvadraturen, it was opened in 1885 and driven by his sisters. Cultiva, a local foundation, was established to ensure a portion of the profits made from selling shares in Agder Energy Ltd have lasting benefits to the community, focusing on art, culture, creativity and building competence; it supported projects in Kristiansand until the financial crisis forced cut-backs in 2011. No one know who the robbers were, but their centurion was named Per Syvertsen. Kristiansand is also divided into 5 boroughs. Outside the city is the industry park Sørlandsparken, which has Sørlandssenteret, the largest mall in Norway. [14] There is a substrate of 1,600–1,450 million-year-old slate, quartzite, marble and amphibolite with some hornblende gneiss, and overlaid on this acidic surface structures of both granite and granodiorite (in general 1,250–1,000 million years old, in some places 1,550–1,480 million years old). Er schrieb die Musik zu zahlreichen … Kristiansand is an important transport and communications node, connected to continental Europe by air and sea. The Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra and Wind Ensemble merged in 2003. Tveit is located along the lower part of the Tovdalselva river, known as Topdalselva from the border with Aust-Agder. [11], The arms of Kristiansand were granted on 8 December 1909 and are based on the oldest seal of the city, dating from 1643. It ends at Lund and goes besides the University. From the city centre, the ferry harbour has routes to Hirtshals (Denmark) operated by both Color Line and Fjord Line. The church is the seat of the Bishop of Agder and Telemark in the Church of Norway. During the Viking Age there was a great man's farm here. Han dreiv fiske på Finnmarka og i Lofoten som høvedsmann og var gardbrukar på farsgarden. The city has no local parliamentary government, but is managed by the city council and an executive committee. As a relatively large shipping town, Kristiansand was a profitable location for shipbuilders Kristiansands Mekaniske Verksted and P. Høivolds Mekaniske Verksted. Another important element in the development of Kristiansand was the harbor on the island of Flekkerøy, which was the most important on the Skagerrak beginning in the 16th century and was first fortified under King Christian III in 1555. 118 properties are matrikulert to the street. The third attack attempt on the city succeeded because a signal flag was confused with a French national flag and the misunderstanding was not discovered until it was too late. Labour Party became the largest party. Some of the most populous basic unions in the following boroughs: Even though the names are different, Kristiansand is often noted as, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage, List of twin towns and sister cities in Norway, Kristiansands Stiftsavis og Adressekontors-Efterretninger, "Folkemengd og kvartalsvise befolkningsendringar, 3. kvartal 2013", "Justvik - landsby i kommunen Kristiansand. For example, during the period of 1833–1866, Drammen had 544 cholera patients, of which 336 died. It is owned by Norwegian National Rail Administration. Kristiansand has three police stations. The population of Tveit is approximately 2,900 (2014). The park is also 17 kilometers from Lillesand. One of the schools have also been several incidents of violence against teachers and classmates. Kristiansand is strategically located on the Skagerrak, and until the opening of the Kiel Canal between the North Sea and the Baltic was very important militarily and geopolitically. In 1666, Christianssand became a garrison town and was heavily fortified. The average annual temperature oscillates around 7 °C (45 °F). Det utgjør nesten halvparten av det norske iskremmarkedet. The crown indicates that the city was founded by the king. The municipality millennium is Tresse - Retranchement, the city party space in front of Christiansholm Fortress, bottom Festningsgata the Baltic sea. It starts on Søm and ends in Lillesand, it goes via Høvåg. Several executives tells increased used of bullying, intimidation and violence among girls. Hennig-Olsen Is AS er Nordens eldste iskremprodusent, kjent for å lage "Kremen av iskrem" siden 1924. NRK Sørlandet covers Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder County. From an economic perspective, the First World War was a good time for Kristiansand, as a neutral shipping city. The city's best known football team, IK Start, moved in 2007 to a new home stadium, Sør Arena. Geologically, this part of Agder is part of the Swedo-Norwegian Base Mountain Shield, the southwestern section of the Baltic Shield, and consists of two main geological formations of Proterozoic rocks that were formed in the Gothic and later Swedo-Norwegian orogenies, with significant metamorphism during the latter. In 1635, King Christian IV ordered his feudal seigneur, Palle Rosenkrantz, to move from Nedenes and build a royal palace on the island. Norwegian National Road 41 starts in Hånes. It is located by the train station Kristiansand S. The bus terminal has local, regional and long-distance bus routes. [15] In ancient times there was a volcano off Flekkeroy, which left deposits of volcanic rock just north of central Kristiansand, on the site of the estate of Eg, now occupied by the Hospital of Southern Norway. The last Swedo-Norwegian formations are evident in large formations of granite. The name was often written Christianssand until 1877, although the map of the mapmaker Pontoppidan from 1785 spelled the name Christiansand (single 's').

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