[sic] but failed to get a vaccine against that. [115], Poetry published Pound's "A Few Don'ts by an Imagist" in March 1913. May not make boast of any better thing 1917–1962). [313] The following day he suggested to Alessandro Pavolini, secretary of the Republican Fascist Party, that book stores be legally obliged to showcase certain books, including The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (1903), a hoax document purporting to be a Jewish plan to dominate the world. [6] After serving in the military, Harding remained unemployed, so his brother Ezra Weston and Ezra's wife, Frances Amelia Wessells Freer (Aunt Frank), looked after his wife and daughter, Isabel, Pound's mother. At fifteen, I stopped scowling, [231] Dorothy, Ezra and Olga left Rapallo for Paris in May, including for the premiere of Le Testament de Villon,[232] without mentioning the pregnancy to Ezra's parents, although Dorothy's mother knew about it. Read as much of Wordsworth as does not seem too unutterably dull. Monroe interpreted his silence after that as his resignation from Poetry magazine.[179]. This page was last edited on 12 November 2020, at 03:53. [64] "Listen to it—Ezra! No hardly, but, seeing he had been born If you are using a symmetrical form, don’t put in what you want to say and then fill up the remaining vacuums with slush. [127] Samuel Putnam knew Pound in Paris in the 1920s and described him as stubborn, contrary, cantankerous, bossy, touchy, and "devoid of humor"; he was "an American small-towner", in Putnam's view. There was a "Jewish-Communist plot", which he compared to syphilis. [o] His obituary in The Times described it as not a great poem, because of the lack of structure, but a great improvisation: "[T]he exasperating form permits the occasional, and in the early Cantos and in The Pisan Cantos not so occasional, irruption of passages of great poetry, hot and burning lava breaking through the cracks in piles of boring scree."[208]. His requests were denied and the script was forwarded to J. Edgar Hoover. When he’s describing the minutiae of the human condition: marvelous. Reck, Michael (June 1968). "Economics". [46] In the summer he decided to self-publish his first collection of 44 poems in the 72-page A Lume Spento ("With Tapers Quenched"), 150 copies of which were printed in July 1908. According to Alexander, they made him more unpopular in some circles than the treason charge. [309], In Rome when the German occupation began, Pound borrowed hiking boots and headed north to Gais, on foot and by train, to visit his daughter, a journey of about 450 miles (720 km). [214] It is a great religious poem, in the view of Pound scholar Carroll F. Terrell, describing humanity's journey from hell to paradise, a "relevation of how divinity is manifested in the universe ... the kind of intelligence that makes the cherrystone become a cherry tree. Both D & it appear to be doing well. [261] He wrote to Bill Bird that the press in Paris was controlled by the Comité des forges. He praised Hitler, recommended eugenics to "conserve the best of the race",[302] and referred to Jews as "filth". In Ezra Pound. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Get the best cultural and educational resources on the web curated for you in a daily email. [105] "I hadn't in 1910 made a language," he wrote years later. During the subsequent row, Pound left the table and returned with a tin bathtub on his head, suggesting it as a symbol of what he called Les Nagistes, a school created by Lowell's poem "In a Garden", which ends with "Night, and the water, and you in your whiteness, bathing!" Waited 2000 years, ate grain from the marshes: [211] In letters to his father in 1924 and 1927, Pound said The Cantos was like the medley of voices you hear when you turn the radio dial,[r] and that it was "[r]ather like or unlike subject and response and counter subject in fugue": Alluding to American, European, and Oriental art, history, myth and literature, the work is also autobiographical. Qian, Zhaoming (2000). [337] Lt. Col. P. V. Holder, one of the escorting officers, wrote in an affidavit that Pound was "an intellectual 'crackpot'" who intended to conduct his own defense.

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