EcoRaider demonstrated the quickest and highest kill in 24 hours. EcoRaider and several other pesticides such as Deltamethrin, Chlorfenapyr, Diatomaceous Earth, Pyrethroids were tested against field bed bugs. EcoRaider kills adults, eggs and nymphs fast on contact without using synthetic pesticide or toxins that can be harmful to people and pets. Conclusion: EcoRaider’s field performance is similar to top professional pesticides but are safe to use in sensitive environments. 2) EcoRaider builds up barrier with extended protection for more than two weeks. 1) EcoRaider micro-scale formulation penetrates bed bug's exoskeleton and attacks its neuron receptor from inside. Seattle-Based DESC Uses EcoRaider® to Control Bed Bugs in Homeless Shelters Bed bugs are a tough problem to deal with in any scenario.

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