Boomstick: He prefers a fair fight, eager to see his opponent's maximum potential. Now, do you all remember Superboy-Prime?" remarked Wonder Woman. Then Goku appeared before him, a fully charged energy blast right at his face. Clark smiled and shrugged, looking over the massive list of videos and titles. Wiz: We cannot judge Goku by his power level. I finally got a good workout though. "It's not even from this world!" Boomstick: It's over! Boomstick: Well, what a coincidence! By vibrating to just under light-speed, Superman can use the Infinite Mass Punch. "How about that one?" Spell books don't work so well when they've been burnt to cinders, magic wands aren't quite as intimidating when they're snapped in half, spell casting is infinitely harder once you've been punched in the throat and can't breathe, and no amount of magic will do you any amount of good if you're already unconscious before you can use it. Wiz: However, Heath Vision does drain his solar power much faster than any other ability, especially when he amps it up. "Or maybe you're just not lucky enough," said Dinah, rising out of her seat. "That sounds like it could be fun," said Wonder Woman. Wiz: And with precision, Heat Vision can reach microscopic levels invisible to the human eye. HHHAAAAAAAA!" No mistranslations allowed. The video shows Coldcast declaring how he had just hit Superman with 15 suns exploding in his face. Maybe I should show this to Damien...", "Sun," pleaded Goku, "lend me your energy!". This speed causes the relative mass of his fist to increase immensely, and hits with the force of a supernova! Superman landed on his feet before unleashing a blizzard of furious cold from his lips. Batman grimaced. "Oh well," he thought, "You can't fight physics.". But no one said that to her face. Not to mention anatomy. "Holy crap, we totally forgot about the Power Pole!" Wiz: There is. He tries to use Instant Transmission, but realizes that he can't concentrate with certain death on his heels. A second later, however, they all breathed a sigh of relief. They were a little sad to see their pick lose, but they were far happier to see everyone celebrating. "Go Clark! When he takes a hit his super-dense molecular structure and bio-electric aura protects him and his suit. said Beast Boy. With the momentum his, Superman followed up that attack with a series of punches that sent Goku flying up like a rocket. "Maybe he was curious! The actual showdown features fire fights, hand-to-hand combat, and a few surprises. For a moment, Batman couldn't help but contrast the two characters. He subconsciously developed mental barriers that blocked him from attaining his full power, which he would work to uncover throughout the rest of his life. Wiz: Kal-El was born to a high-class scientist on the planet Kyrpton. "Superman is no more fictional than you or me," answered Batman, giving the same response he'd had when Clark had asked the same question less than fifteen minutes ago. "Maybe they relocated into his mane?". Then, as if cued, they sprang forward and clashed with each other, both fighters quickly disappearing into a confusing mess of attacks and defenses. The surprisingly astute observation made by the typically asinine Boomstick left many of the heroes pondering the truth of that statement. ", "It was probably the most easily measurable feat of durability they could come up with," reasoned Mr. shouts Beast Boy. Well it confirms my hypothesis that Superman's powers would only increase with age as his body stores more and more solar energy. Boomstick: He can also hear sounds millions of miles away, see through anything but lead, and spot things moving faster than light. Superman didn't look up from the Earth. "Hear, hear!" Black Lightening had popped popcorn, everyone had a healthy portion of candy and other snacks, Aquaman seated himself right beside Guy to make sure he didn't start anything, and the video commenced. The blow sent him careening backwards, which Goku followed up with a whirlwind of kicks. These debates usually lasted for hours, and they still had to get through the rest of the episode. Wiz: The force needed to move an object out of the Sun's orbit by one percent is about one thousand times less than the object's mass. "It's like what the Romans did, but with less actual blood. "Hey didn't Goku just say that he wanted a fair fight?" By comparing Goku's height to a single spike, we can measure each curve. This was a man who had devoted himself to saving as many lives as possible. "Alien?!" That last combination attack from Goku really had them at the edge of their seats. Most of them had experienced loss at some point, all of them were no strangers to tragedy. "We should consider distributing this Death Battle online," said Wonder Woman, "it might dissuade more people from villainy and lower crime rates further.". Also, as he was retconned and rebuilt in 1986, we will be examining the modern Superman. "But he's still the best anime protagonist ever! Boomstick: And obviously, we're not using future Goku, because that would require a ridiculous amount of assumptions. Diana had heard worse, of course, Clark was well aware of the fact since his super-senses allowed him to pinpoint every single lewd remark and obscene gesture people directed towards the Princess of the Amazons. It's another peaceful day in Metropolis. ", Clark gives him a wave that he understands to mean "none taken.". He was, however, not entirely without a sense of humor. They want Goku to win, but not like this! The mane six watches death battle. Boomstick: Proving that people only see what they want to believe! ", "It's an online series, so let's go with the most popular one," said Cyborg, scanning all the relevant video files for the one with the most views. Everyone cringed at the thought of that walking behemoth. "Don't have much left in me," admitted Superman to himself. Mustering the last of his Ki, Goku transforms once more into his Super Saiyan Four form, and the two fighters prepare to unleash their final attacks. Boomstick: Luckily, we just calculated that with the Gero bomb! "You got this, big guy!" It had been one of the most difficult fights of his life. ), who insisted that the Strange Visitor from Another World was just biding his time. "I haven't even begun to play...". "He came from a reality in which our adventures were known to him as comic books, published by a company called DC Comics, whose writers, presumably, also had some sort of psychic link to our own reality. The metal doors of Death Battle slammed shut and the Leaguers gave their opinions on their very own Man of Steel. "No," replied the Dark Knight, with a glare that shut her up. Goku's abilities are tailored to his personal training and experiences. Vegeta isn't. "With strength like that, how do you ever train or exercise?" Suddenly, Goku sensed something. Black Canary and Green Arrow glanced at each other fondly. Wonder Woman and Superman shared an... uncomfortable look with each other. Boomstick: Holy crap, he sounds invincible! "Yeah, besides," interrupted Flash, munching on a bag of chips he seemed to have pulled out of the ether. "I doubt we need to worry about lawsuits from a parallel universe," replied Nightwing. Now, he was firm and resolute. The heroes laugh with him. On screen, Frieza trembles before Goku as Goku delivers his most famous line, a line which several of even the lesser Dragon Ball fans all recited in unison. Jason Todd actor Curran Walters recently teased on social media that the Red Hood costume for the HBO Max series' third season looks good, though no images have yet been released. "He's got the same problem Damien has," thought Batman. But as he attempts to land this punch, his hand is caught, and his opponent is suddenly glowing with golden power. Boomstick: Even when firing upward at full power, the ground beneath him remains untouched. Confidently striding to one of those images, he strikes out, ignoring the fakes and sending the real Goku flying once more. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Goku is harnessing all the Ki he can gather into a massive Spirit Bomb, which towers above him like his own, miniature sun. They are both ultimate heroes, solutions to daunting problems and achievers of the impossible. "W-what?! It's finally over! Crossover - Marvel & Web Shows - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,683 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 62 - Follows: 69 - Updated: Izuku finds a Strange looking boxes in front of the door of his bedroom, after contacting his fellow students they find the box is filled with Games,Movies,Comics and episodes of a show named "Death Battle"... My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 30 - Words: 122,697 - Reviews: 1182 - Favs: 1,653 - Follows: 1,674 - Updated: Inspired by epicvictory2025's "RWBY watches Death Battle", a response to a challange by YgoFoxFire. agreed Doctor Light with her fellow scientists. said the argumentative Green Lantern, before Aquaman put a firm but commanding hand on his shoulder. And would not think to teleport him to red star. My ultimate form!". After so long cooped up, and facing the prospect of spending several hours locked in a room with these guys, she would be lying if she said she didn't want to fight too. "He can even keep up with Super Saiyan Three!" Every hero realized the mistake Goku had made. It was getting really annoying for Superman. "That would be piracy. Crossover - Web Shows & Undertale - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,632 - Reviews: 45 - Favs: 96 - Follows: 93 - Updated: The Team finds "Death Battle" DVDs, and they watch them in Mount Justice. To him, a formal education would just be a waste of time. Goku remarks how much fun this is gonna be. "I mean, he's got his Instant Transmission, the Flying Nimbus, not to mention the fact that he can fly on his own," replied Blue Beetle. "Oh no you don't!" Superman thinks his strange attacker is insane. The fight against Imperium had been one of the most intense battles the League had ever been involved in, a fight in which the fate of the whole universe hanged in the balance. Now that Goku's finally managed to land a solid hit, he's forced Superman to move to a longitude on the planet where the sun will be higher in the sky. Superman races after his opponent, catching him in midair with a flurry of blows, sending him crashing down into the pavement. The Dark Knight gave a curt nod of acknowledgement. ", "Well, in the words of DJ Khaled," interrupted Static, eager to keep this party going, "another one! Wiz: Fortunately for Goku, the life-sapping form would be trumped by his final transformation: Super Saiyan Four. Boomstick: Multiplying the 40 tons by the Super Saiyan multipliers means he can lift up to 160,000 tons in Super Saiyan Four. He then flew ahead of the Saiyan, intercepting his trajectory with a double axe handle that sent his opponent crashing back to earth, with a thunderous boom and a massive crater. Both of the heroes in question looked down in shame. "Four?" "So would Superman be vulnerable to Ki?" "All it would take is the lightest push and this glass would break," said Clark. It hadn't even been an hour, but the thought of being locked in a satellite with their coworkers for maybe an entire day had left them all with a mild case of cabin fever.

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