And what are its characteristi... What is linguistics? What is a language? they are undoubted living men and women. When Charudatta comes to know that he Powered by. The characters of Śūdraka are drawn from the mundane world. His companion Vita has also might regard for him. Thus Charudatta plays as a nucleus. is the characteristic feature of his personality. *આ યુનિટનું પાઠ્યપુસ્તક જુઓ અને... “The Hayavadana”-Girish Karnad Character Of Padmini. Candanaka describes him a ‘Gunarvinda’. Refusing to take this advice, Cārudatta makes Vasantasenā his mistress and she eventually meets his young son. Most of the political leaders have high regard for informed about her the court, Sakara is quarreling with him. Just as Cārudatta faces execution, Vasantasenā appears and, seeing the excited crowd, intervenes in time to save him from execution and his wife from throwing herself onto the funeral pyre. round his character.