OnePlus Nord N10 and N100 will get Android 11… and then that’s it. You will also be able to experiment with Studio Lighting, dual camera and other camera features on the OnePlus 6T. Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: the OnePlus 6T is an awesome phone. During his three weeks reviewing the OnePlus 6T, Android Authority’s own David Imel saw an average screen-on time of 6.5 to 8 hours on the device. If you’re resting the device in the palm of your right hand and want to get your thumb all the way up to the upper left corner, you’re probably going to have to shift your hold or use your left hand to get the job done. We all want our phones to last as long as possible, and the OnePlus 6T is a beast when it comes to battery life. How can you compare it to other phones in a meaningful way? There’s also a novelty to impressing your friends with the tech, as most will have never seen it before. ©2020 Android Authority | All Rights Reserved. You’ll lose the tiny notch and the in-display fingerprint sensor, but you’ll gain a headphone jack and spend a little less money for the base model. With Optical Image Stabilization, you will be able to click photos and shoot videos even in low light with the Nightscape feature. Android Authority fully reviewed the 6T, and we also published a few highly-opinionated articles about the device leading up to its official reveal. When you buy a OnePlus 6T, you can rest assured you will get the latest updates fast. However, the fingerprint scanner being in the display is a really cool feature and it just gets better and better the more you use it. Despite its all-glass design, the OnePlus 6T doesn’t have wireless charging capabilities. These limited offers are only available here, Buy the OnePlus 6 and get free accessories here, Najczęściej zadawane pytania dotyczące zakupów. In no uncertain terms, there’s a lot riding on the success of the OnePlus 6T. There are a bunch of reasons why buying the phone is a terrific idea, and an equal amount of reasons you might want to spend your money elsewhere. Update - December 31 - The OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition has launched, which has a black carbon fiber design with McLaren’s signature “Papaya Orange” color around the rim, along with 256GB of storage and 10GB of …, Battery life is a difficult thing to contextualize, and fraught with issues in testing. To keep that $549 price point, OnePlus cut some corners. The OnePlus 6T features a build of mostly glass, just like competitors like the Google Pixel 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S9. It’s only seven months old and OnePlus is still selling the device (who knows for how much longer). Since almost every smartphone on the market has a fingerprint sensor on the back, it might be a bit of a switch for you having the sensor on the front of the OnePlus 6T. LEARN MORE: This is the beautiful OnePlus 6T in Thunder Purple. On Swappa there is a huge selection of used tech to choose from, so finding the perfect price, storage size and condition for you is just a few clicks away. Buy the OnePlus 6 and get free accessories. OnePlus is consistently great about issuing timely updates to its smartphones, and its highly-lauded OxygenOS Android skin is one of the company’s crowning achievements. While the OnePlus 6T display is beautiful, it covers nearly the entire face of the device. Yes, the OnePlus 6T is the company’s most expensive base model smartphone yet at $549. If the inclusion of the headphone jack is a must-have for you, unfortunately, the OnePlus 6T isn’t going to work. Check local carrier 4G(LTE) connectivity. No, it’s not the perfect phone, but it is absolutely one of the best smartphones released in 2018. For those of you out there who can deal, there’s a free USB Type-C headphone adapter in the box with the phone. The OnePlus 6T is designed to give you the best of efficiency as it is loaded with the Snapdragon 845 processor with RAM of up to 8GB. The OnePlus 6T has no official IP rating, so if you decide to take it for a swim you will most likely ruin it. Whether you’re a diehard notch hater or someone who doesn’t mind the controversial design element, it’s hard to deny the OnePlus 6T at least does the notch right. There's a lot of …. LEARN MORE: We asked, you told us – The OnePlus 6T was your favorite phone from #phonepocalypse. Now that all the dust has settled (and everyone has holiday smartphone purchases on the brain) it’s time to ask a simple question: should you or shouldn’t you buy the OnePlus 6T? Since this device is carried at T-Mobile, you can expect deeper discounts from the carrier as an incentive for you to sign up for wireless service. While the camera on the 6T is probably the best the company has ever released, it still doesn’t match the standards set by something like the Google Pixel 3 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This smartphone is ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable fit in your hand while looking stunningly stylish with the resilient glass back. {{item.displayName}}, Gift (40) 40 product ratings - OnePlus 6T 128GB T-Mobile Unlocked LTE 8GB RAM 6.41 inch 20MP A6013 The brand new OnePlus 6T defines the pinnacle of smartphone technology.

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