Its simple, if he doesn't believe he has a weakness, he doesn't... What about that scan? Delusion. And Superman Prime 1 Million is said to be a 4th Dimensional being. Owen Reece is only so powerful becuase he access the power of the Beyonders Universe. He even said so in some panels, that he knows people will try to trick him to believe he has a weakness and be able to beat him. beyonder wasn't TOAA's equal, but he stomps SP1M that's for sure. so.......nothing? no proof? @patrat18: SOM have lack of feats to challenge Pre Beyonder. I don't see any flaws in this argument, therefore SP1M wins. Superman Prime 1 Million was acting with the Source Wall itself. I always saw Beyonder as an entity that existed in the present time, but with access to move freely through time and space. so he doesn't have them, end of discussion. Beyonder was nigh-omnipotent, not really omnipotent. RIP Beyonder. They are mocking in front of you face! that's false, nemesis has nothing to do with the heart of the universe. First off the Odin comment was refering to something floopay said. Or actually had the power of God or the Source in DC, a fraction of infinity is still infinite. And Mr. Mxy was a 4th dimensional being who once entered into the real world and confronted the DC writers, which means Superman Prime 1 Million can do the same thing, and because he can do that that means he can also beat up Stan Lee in the real world, and therefore that means Superman Prime 1 Million wins because he's stronger than both the Presence and TOAA. The Heart of the Universe is a piece of TOAA from Marvel, its a small portion of his power or something similar. looking forward to the interview, i hope you won't disappoint.......and please, don't post a reply without including it. Heck pre Beyonder killed Death itself throughout the Omniverse. So no... Superman Prime One Million is NOT above HOTU he's NOT above PR- Beyonder and he shouldn't be considered on that tier because he's featless... LT has feats to prove he's on that tier... PR Beyonder prove and stated he was indeed omnipotent. That pretty dumb beyonder gets rid of gaxlies superman even at stronger could what move a planet heck now superman would lose in a quick second TOAA isn't a character (not exactly) he is the representation of the writer, didn't you see how they represented jack kirby as TOAA in the scans i posted from fantastic four 511? With this said, its not practical to put omnipotent being against "nigh omnipotent" featless beings because Omnipotence will always be above everything and everyone, there's no chance for anybody to beat an omnipotent being. Beyonder takes this with ease. TOAA is the absolute supreme power in the Marvel universe, the Beyonder is not equal at all. So Doom stealing hiss powers its understandable because he wouldn't know because he's not omniscient, nonetheless, Doom gathered information from his realm. and what omniversal feats does the beyonder have? In DC one million superman was still just defending the solar system, granted I believe he had galactic power but it was never shown, and he still needs a yellow sun for his power. What the hell is the point of these threads? In DC one million superman was still just defending the solar system, granted I believe he had galactic power but it was never shown, and he still needs a yellow sun for his power. I've heard that nemisis as a living being ( not the gems) works in total conjunction with the HOTU, but I could be wrong it's why I said possibly. Not going to reply since you stated the same thing in your previous post which i countered. Beyonder was never infinite, incalcuable but not infinite. Even tho Living Tribunal was there had no say what Beyonder did. I support Superman 1 million. also, you still haven't provided omniversal feats for the beyonder. also, can you prove that the beyonder is omniversal, because the one above all is (check the glossary of terms). It never said he was omnipotent but had infinite power... Also, do they have similar feats like Beyonder to even consider them worthy of calling themselves omnipotents? This guy has been stated by the highest powers in Marvel as a Multiversal buster, killer, threat, and Golden Superman just does not have the feats to compete to say he is equal much less superior. Beyonder. Unless Bendis retcons Beyonder into someone as strong as Blackbolt....wait a minuet Bendis did What!?!? if we go by this flawed logic then kubik is omnipotent as well: this is just one random example off the top of my head, i can show you dozens of characters claiming that they are omnipotent (infinite power), so does this make all of them=TOAA? so you have 2 things to prove now, only then can the beyonder be considered as TOAA's equal. I believe LT its above everybody besides TOAA and he couldn't fight Beyonder because NOTHING in the Marvel-Verse will affect him, only Owen Reece who got his powers from him could give a fight, losing at the end. TOAA is the representation of the writer, which was shown on panel, while the beyonder is not. He couldn't remember where the lines of what he created and what existed began and ended. Based on Feats alone, Beyonder would win. CA Superman or Gold Superman Prime are better choices but only against the current Beyonder. the mistake in your post is that you can't use omniverse and multiverse interchangeably, i think you recall the definition of the omniverse which killemall provided to you a few months ago which was from the OHOTMU #16 (2005). Then the entire Marvel Cosmic top tier had no way to bring her back at all, Guess who did and was depowered a bit? He still beat down Owen and did what he wanted. your an idiot on crack if you really think superman is gonna beat an guy who has the power to destroy universe. Predictable. Lol at this... You are so uninformed its not even funny. i know beyonder's feats pretty well, not sure why people think otherwise, read the whole thread and you'll understand why destroying the multiverse means literally nothing compared to an omniversal being, much less a representative of the writer himself. in a quasar issue, the omniverse is defined as being several multiverses: thus beyonder isn't omniversal, he is multiversal. Superman definitely, the guy can lift entire planets with his sac, Beyonder blinks  Most Superman fans are idiots, Mmmm..this is a good cold glass of bubbling spite here. @cadencev2: Well, TOAA is said to be Stan Lee. Exaggerations. The presence from DC has never been seen iirc, the source is just a part of the presences power and sp1m had only a small. But that doesn't take away the potential he has to do so... he only needs to know about them. Secret wars is when he was nigh omnipotent. that's the last time i reply to you, if you can't accept the facts and you can't provide proof, then that's your problem and you can't be reasoned with. He's not even from the Marvel-Verse but from the universe of the Beyonders. seriously? Things could exist because he thought them to exist, and they could cease to be, or have ever been, with little more than a thought. What has Superman Prime ever do to boast a equal claim? He's not omnipresent nor omniscient therefore he doesn't have full knowledge about the Marvel-Verse therefore he can't do the same as TOAA in the Marvel-Verse, however that doesn't take away the facts he didn't showed any kind of limit on his power. The presence from DC has never been seen iirc, the source is just a part of the presences power and sp1m had only a small. presence has plenty of appearances, most recently in the new 52 phantom strange series. The only difference between them is TOAA is a supreme being in the Marvel-Verse due to it being his creation while PR Beyonder its limited to his knowledge about the Marvel-Verse... With this said, he's omnipotent, not omnipresent nor omniscient because he's outside of his creation. no one is arguing in prime's favor here. wtf Superman prime one million is no where near PR beyonders level this is spite lol some ppl are actually going for superman here? @djangophile: oh so prime wins or what i have his stats. Those who wrote the Wiki, and the wiki for comicvine are much smarter than you. Just wondering....did anyone notice that the Title of the Thread and the OP have two completely different battles? im very well aware of that, i know that he was extremely powerful in secret wars, however, he is a character is he not? btw, i really don't even want to comment about beyonder being omnipotent, yet not omnipresent and omniscient. Killing Death throughout Marvel. The fanboy in me still won over my logical side! The Source Wall is probably similar to HOTU, both are doorways to the supreme power of their universe. so you can either counter my argument or you can stop claiming that the beyonder is equal to TOAA. @rolldestroyer: Beyonder WAS equal to TOAA before his power was retconned during Secret Wars IIRC. He destroyed a Multi-Verse in rather effortlessly yet you want him to destroy the omniverse to be considered a omniversal threat... That's not clever and you are ignoring the facts. Not going to reply since you stated the same thing in your previous post which i already countered. the source was beaten by 3 skyfathers, so no, it isn't similar to the heart of the infinite. No version of Beyonder is TOAA. you misunderstood me, im, in no way, arguing that SP1M wins this, beyonder is on a whole another level, im arguing that beyonder isn't equal to TOAA. Beyonder wins in Marvel if In DC he wins again then the Presence says " ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I'VE HAD IT WITH THIS MOTHER F*CKING BEYONDER, IN THIS MOTHER F*CKING MULTIVERSE" then it goes down hill from ther.e, marvel premieres spitest thread  people stop using dumb words like superman moves planets pre retcon post retcon and bendis retcon stooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomp   and pre retcon f"cks cosmic armour superman. I just can't find it... mighty world of marvel issue 9 (February 1984). You say different, you are mistaken. wtf Superman prime one million is no where near PR beyonders level this is spite lol some ppl are actually going for superman here? Damn, I'm an uber fanboy of Supes but even I wouldn't think of Superman harming or even tickling Beyonder. 1. It was implied he was a god or like a god, Odin is a god, Zeus is a God, even Thor and Hercules are gods or part gods. Anyway i'll state again what i've said... TOAA is the supreme being of the Marvel-Verse with this said he has control over all the universes of his creation. They'll be curbstomped by PR Beyonder.

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