| Just imagine what it would be like to follow the summer along the different hemispheres of the world, creating an endless opportunity to ride the waves and experience the absolute joy and thrill of the surf as it continued to pound towards the shore. Bruce Brown had been surfing since the 1950s and had the idea to film the sport to show people just what it was all about and what the draw of it was that attracted so many people. Director: As the film opens, his mother is driving him to his new summer job. It is interesting in the movie to see how Jack captures how Kelly is going through a major change in his life, since he first retired from the ASP circuit. But when Bethany loses an arm to a shark attack it’s an obvious impediment until she learns how to overcome this disadvantage. Documenting a year traveling to destinations like France, Indonesia, Australia, California and Hawaii, it’s not a bad gig for the Billabong sponsored youngsters. | Stars: 105 min Dane Reynolds Surf Film – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7GIIYp-3Xc. Documentary, Action, Adventure. Stars: A young Californian moves to Hawaii where he is befriended by three Hawaiians who show him Hawaii beyond the postcard image. Here are some of the best surfing movies to be found. | Adventure, Drama, Sport. Haunted by the memory of her deceased mother, Dana leaves Malibu behind and heads to South Africa to fulfill her mother's dream of surfing Jefferys Bay. Brad Rowe, Biography, Drama, Sport. 6. Scott Eastwood, Elizabeth Mathis, Tom Curren, Not Rated Morgan O'Neill Drama, Romance, Sport. 1,828 Tina Holmes, $0.05M, Not Rated Taylor Ferber from Bustle covered the idea that this movie was more authentic than a lot of surfing movies since not only did the cast pull their own weight, but the risk was very real as a pro surfer actually got caught on camera with an authentic injury. Moments – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGrjMpI7nPg. | The movie is a study in individuality and freedom, and gives detailed knowledge of the surfing lifestyle, its icons and locations, its exploitation by the media, and its fascination by people from all over the world. | Rita Wilson, Beach Party films, popular in the 60s, are entirely fictional and geared more towards a general audience. Director: Stars: Director: $6.00M, PG-13 From one beach to another the sport of surfing has been evolving over the years in a way that has been impressive to watch and seems to have continued to push the envelope. 5 Reasons Chia is a Surfer’s Best Friend. William Phelps Shawn Barron, Greg Carlson, Not Rated Relentless Energy Drink fuels this short Surf Story of cold water surf photographer, Mickey Smith made this stunning short film in Ireland about what he does and why. We particularly love the Shipsterns section in Tazmania. | Laura Bell Bundy, PG-13 Joan Blackman, | | | Gross: During our recent visit to Western Australia, Stevo's oldest brother took it upon himself to help tick off number 68 from our Wanderlist, by helping us "learn to surf." $2.28M, Not Rated $40.39M, Not Rated Coco Ho, PG Drama, The story of young aspiring professional surfer Ned Blakey. Myles Pollard, It will either make you wanna surf or cry these kids are so good. The film follows ... See full summary », Director: Kate Bosworth, Cancer To Capricorn  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdofzwscYzk. Nia Peeples, Dennis Quaid, Xavier Samuel, East Coast represent! 112 min Jeremy Sims, Unrated Laird Hamilton, 21. Lori Petty, Votes: | Josh Pomer You may want to get into the surf vibe before you join one of our surf camps in Fuerteventura, or you just watch them on our TV in the living room together with some new friends! Director: Director: Director: 155,434 14. 52 min No Filter – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_guolUgBU88.

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