GST  27AACPG4594K1ZF, | No reduction in the core hardness of the base metal or alloy of the component. | Hauck Heat Treatment is part of Aalberts Industries N.V. a global engineering company providing mission critical technologies from more than 150 locations in 30 countries. Nitrex Metal is a worldwide partner offering modern nitriding / nitrocarburizing technologies, solutions, equipment and services. Removing the white layer while surface finishing nitrided components … Our crankshaft production process consists of very detailed inspections to ensure that they have the best quality and tolerances for perfect fitment. The diffused layer will be only on the exposed parts (line of sight) of the component – (usually by mechanical masking). Ultimate performance is our engineering finish line. In addition, many heat treating furnaces and control systems have been retrofitted or refurbished by our engineers. Click on “Privacy & Cookies Policy” for detailed information on the use of cookies on this website. The ability of to avoid dimensional change and deliver a uniform case on complex geometries. Copyright © 1996-2020 IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. All rights reserved. IndiaMART Get Best Price Nitriding - hard surfaces on metal . Mechanical masking is the best option for large batch components. It leaves, however, a troublesome, brittle, hard white layer that must be removed. our experienced team of professionals provides consultation services to all. Years of continuous R&D in our metallurgical laboratories and close cooperation with our customers, licensees and partners, combined with our vast experience in catering to the needs of manufacturers, metal treating centers, suppliers and users have literally brought us to the front line of heat treating technologies. Hauck Heat Treatment is part of Aalberts Industries N.V. a global engineering company providing mission critical technologies from more than 150 locations in 30 countries. Completed on near finished components – i.e. Often used for finished parts – as no further machining is typically needed. Software development for process integration and automation, Software and hardware development for process monitoring and control, Design and implementation of safety measures, Design and implementation of environmental protection equipment, Expanding to new types of materials and/or applications for Nitreg®, Nitreg®-C, Nitreg®-ONC, Nitreg®-S, Nano-S, batch-type furnace (pit furnace & front-loading furnace), multi-chamber furnace & continuous furnace, large-scale batch for very large batches or very large parts. Nitriding steel components produces a high hardness and shallow case with minimal geometric distortion. A strong commitment to Research and Development in technologies, equipment and process controls is a key ingredient for our continuous growth. Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from Mumbai, we offer Automotive Crank Shaft, 4 Cylinder Crank Shaft and Forged Crankshaft. The gas nitriding process control systems are designed to provide a fully automatic operation. We would be delighted to assist you by reviewing your heat treating requirements, providing sound technical advice, preparing technical proposals or otherwise getting involved in your projects. Verified Supplier, AECO Engineering Company606/607, Balarama Building Bandra Kurla Complex, Beside Family Court, Bandra East, Mumbai-400051, Maharashtra, India. Starting with a small service center back in 1984, which offered Nitreg® gas nitriding technology, Nitrex Metal gradually evolved into a company which designs and manufactures turnkey heat treating installations, while its subsidiary, Nitrex Inc., offers commercial metal treating services throughout the world. Arrow Precision works to your exacting standards whether you need a custom single piece reverse engineered to stunning perfection, a pre-production concept, or a full production run. Our potential-controlled gas nitriding and potential-controlled gas nitrocarburizing (ferritic nitrocarburizing-FNC) heat treatment technologies are applied in the precision parts, automotive, aluminium extrusion, defense, gears, tool & die, plastics, machinery and many other industries. Nitrex Metal has created a worldwide network of independent licensees (commercial heat treaters) using its Nitreg® gas nitriding technology, and has sold gas nitriding furnaces, control systems with process control software, to even more in-house users. Mechanical masking is the best option for large batch components. By visiting this website, certain cookies have already been set, which you may delete and block. In the last thirty years Nitrex Metal has become a leading force in gas nitriding and gas nitrocarburizing, as an equipment manufacturer, but most importantly a developer of technologies. The opportunity to eliminate environmental pollution because there is no use of toxic salt or toxic gases. The potential for reducing scrap through precisely repeatable cycles. We are looking forward to seeing you at the next event.Discover the most innovative nitriding/nitrocarburising systems & technologies on the market today. The entire nitriding process is executed in an automatic, self-adjusting and operator independent manner, Designed to monitor, control and regulate all nitriding process parameters in an automatic and continuous fashion, Anti-pollution neutralizer for nitriding, nitrocarburizing and related heat treating processes, as well as other atmosphere polluting industries in order to meet your environmental targets, Gas nitriding with control of the nitriding potential, Gas nitrocarburizing / FNC with control of the nitriding potential and carbon potential, In-process post-nitriding / nitrocarburizing oxidation, Gas nitriding of stainless steels with control of the nitriding potential, Surface hardening process that improves the wear and galling resistance of stainless steel components without affecting the inherent corrosion resistance, NITREX METAL INC.Tel: +1-514-335-7191Toll free (Canada/ USA only): +1-877-335-7191Fax: +1-514-335-4160 | send e-mail. Our revolutionary Nitreg® proprietary gas nitriding technology brought greater wear, fatigue and corrosion resistance to ferrous or non-ferrous materials, qualities much sought after by anyone whose product manufacturing activities involve any heat treatment process.

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