"Suffer no delusions Angelus...even if Bree didn't kill her sister, her sister, who was never called by a name, was still weaker then Bree. For the first time ever there was fear in his eyes and a look of defeat on his face. he said then left the room. "I'm not going with you." The Queen was pure evil...but she also had a sister. My sire it seems is still stronger then I am. Your mine. " The Tale of Pony Twinkleheels by Arthur Scott Bailey. His gaze traveled from one to the other all of them were confused. Bailey?" another slap and then Lestat bit Angelus. Promise me...promise you'll protect her. ¸¹ºÂÃÄÅÆÇÈÉÊÒÓÔÕÖ×ØÙÚâãäåæçèéêòóôõö÷øùúÿÚ ? he asked. There was a knock on the door, which was odd because nobody ever came to visit. Chapter 10. Angelus glared up at his sire. Stream and download audiobooks … Chapter 9. Perhaps Bailey is the other sister." We all belong to her. He's angry with me. They can't control their hunger, they are totally dependent on the one that created them, they are young, they are foolish, and they have tempers. When we made her mortal her power, her immortality was stored somewhere...now that she's a vampire again it will eventually return to her and on that day, no mortal will be safe. Why not post a question or comment yourself? ", Lestat glared at him "because I am not blinded Angelus. Story Summary: Angelus comes face to face with the mystic being that's been protecting Bailey and the legendary Sean comes with a warning for Angelus. He's suffering." “Bailey’s Story: A Dog’s Purpose Novel” is one of the many stories W. Bruce Cameron wrote in “A Dog’s Purpose,” which is coming to the big screen in January, 2017. Lestat went over knelling before her. "So then why didn't you just go with them?" A Legend returns from the grave and Angelus has to face a difficult revelation. It was done to free the world because she would have drank the world dry. But I never forgot that legend and I guess I always hoped that there was a good twin. " Bailey looked into space. I don't see the appeal really. Praised me for it and I was quite arrogant when it was all said and done. "Shh...stop..it was just a dream.." he tried to comfort Penn who glared at Spike "No its not...it can't be. And one female child. I won't let him get you. he said revealing himself as Angelus's sire to them in a way laying claim to their sire. "So why are you making it sound like a bad thing?" They'd made it to the cabin and were out in the middle of nowhere it seemed. The punishment for turning a childe is one of two things. Bailey first noticed the powerful vampire before her. He encouraged it. Hmm. And she's not yours. Angelus pulled him close and kissed him "Don't look so sad. He was so afraid, he had no idea who my sire was and then he was gone. Suddenly Angelus tossed a set of keys to Penn "Get the car ready, William pack your things, Bailey and Toby pack your things. Angelus said in the same tone only he wasn't as arrogant as his sire. "Because it is...No God can walk this earth as a mortal. I'm not going unless you go too!" Lestat sensed something then. Your powerful and no one can defeat you. "It'll give you the time you need to get away." Maya notes that she has changed much since the start of the summer, but Bailey, who also seems to have aged significantly, shows indifference toward Maya’s tales. Spike didn't like the sound of that. "For you it is. "I think that's my decision. 1,238,602, Quizzes: 344. Angelus opened his eyes not believing and then his heart sank when he saw that she wasn't dust. Unless you wanna live in a world where you'll starve that is." Nothing to show that there really was two of them...but what if there was. You'll all be leaving," he handed a paper to Spike "This is where your going. Bailey asked and all eyes turned to her yet again. No active discussions on Bailey found. They were safe. Angelus smirked "And what sort of news are you bringing me?". you know the drill. He knew. ", "Your mistaken then...this isn't the same girl. " Lestat smirked and raised a brow "It seems your faith in me isn't what it used to be. Quiz: Life of Arthur Scott Bailey: 20 Questions. She's special to me. " There was a respectful note to what he said. Sean wasn't comfortable in the room anymore "I know Angelus, I just wanted to warn you because of your girl. Spike thought about that and then his eyes got wide..."No...Angelus, how's that gonna help?" Spike and Penn suddenly realized what they were seeing. Angelus sighed as he spotted his sire. He ordered them to be brought in. Listen Free to Bailey's Story: A Dog's Purpose Novel audiobook by W. Bruce Cameron with a 30 Day Free Trial! he asked. Lestat said. She had to be stopped. "I have news. He didn't like speaking of his sire. Spike asked unaware that Toby and Bailey were awake and listening. ", Sean's eyes widened and he stood "Lestat! He shoved Lestat who wasn't expecting it. We turned her human and sent to another time. ", Angelus wasn't sympathetic "You seem to have gained control of the coven easily enough.". Lestat climbed in behind him pulling Angelus close as Angelus faced away from him "Where is she? The two holding Angelus let go and Angelus jumped down "Come here."

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