They arrange a site survey that will result in the preparation of an installation quote and an estimate for on-going maintenance. BankMobile is awaiting receipt of funds from ASU. There is no charge to replace a lost or stolen card. For building management, you need to appoint a full-time employee as your Segment Manager. Requests for refunds during the semester cannot be honored unless you are withdrawing from ASU. The ASU OneCard is the official identification card for all students at Angelo State University. Not at this time. You can access a real-time statement of your BankMobile Vibe Account by logging in to your account at With the exception of eligible new employees, the ASU ID card is issued for a fee.

The custodian of the university ID card photos is the University Technology Office (UTO). who will add, change and delete privileges for people to access the doors, set up automatic lock and unlock schedules, and so forth?). ASU ID cards are considered university property and must be surrendered upon separation from ASU. Please come by our office at 1830 Rosemont Drive in the General Services building or call us at 325-942-2331. This process can take two to three business days. Please provide the below information to assist with your lost or stolen ID Card. Contractor cards must be maintained with the accurate controls and authorizations, Departments and contractors are charged a fee for all contractor cards. Bring the problem card to the OneCard Office and we will take care of getting the card replaced. You may request an ASU OneCard in one of the following ways: The ASU OneCard serves these purposes on campus: Several accounts are associated with the ASU OneCard. Existing head end with room to expand, new reader, standard electrified access control components*.

Those who will be involved in installing or managing access should participate in the site survey. BankMobile has received the funds from ASU and is ready to write your check. ASU requires all students, employees and qualifying university affiliates to obtain an official ASU ID card. Requests for refunds should be addressed to the ASU OneCard Office, ASU Station #11036, San Angelo, TX 76909-1036. For small projects this will likely by you and any colleagues who can help define needs, someone from ISAAC Services, Lock Services or Facilities Management, and Netcom.

For issues outside of normal business hours, the ASU Help Desk will take your information and assign a ticket.

Cards will be made for all new students during registration periods and until the end of the second week of each semester.

For door and card access, cameras, duress/intrusion alarms for physical building security and POS/ATM services. If it is not practical to issue cards to individual contracted employees because of large variable work forces or the access need is temporary, contractors may be issued generic contractor cards. Balances of $25 or more will be refundable when you are no longer a student/faculty/staff member. This appointed person learns ISAAC use to establish permissions and alarms, schedule locking and unlocking doors. ASU faculty and staff should contact ServiceNow, or call ISAAC Services at 480-727-1327 during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m to 4 p.m. After 4 p.m., contact the HelpDesk at 1-855-278-5080. Office Hours: 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday–Friday Phone: 325-942-2331 Fax: 325-942-2240 Email: U.S. Mail: ASU Station #11036, San Angelo, TX 76909-1036. Emergency tickets are routed accordingly. If you are having issues with electronic door access, students should contact Service Center. For additional information on ASU ID card requirements, see the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual, ACD 801, “Identification Cards.”.
Set-up your Bank Account as your Refund Preference, Set-up your Bank Account as your Payroll Preference, Deposit check or money order through your mobile phone, Wire Transfer Money from BankMobile to Another Bank Account, The Princeton Review, The 382 Best Colleges, 2018, The Chronicle, Great Colleges to Work For, 2019 Honor Roll, Printing after print allotment is depleted, Refund Record Received—Funds Transfer from University In Process. If interested in devices other than the ASU ID card, consult with ISAAC and Transaction Services.

The standard access control readers on all buildingshave capabilities that are compatible with some of these technologies. For travel to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport visit Valley Metro. Eligibility of Pitchfork ID Cards is governed by Midfirst Bank. The Pitchfork ID Card is issued by MidFirst Bank, pursuant to license by MasterCard® International. Balances of less than $25 will be forfeited.

Who will manage the system once it is implemented? Any money left in a RamBucks account at the end of the semester carries over to the next semester. BankMobile has received the records from ASU to process your refund. To print this form, log in to your account at. How do I get my ASU OneCard? Online students are required to have an approved photo on file with Sun Devil Card Services. This includes purchase, installation and on-going maintenance of client software licenses and locally-installed hardware; installations and maintenance of communication lines, ASU ID cards for part-time or student employees if required, and contractor cards if required.

ISAAC and your ASU ID Card work together utilizing door access technology included in the card design. When you receive your Refund Selection Kit which also includes your ASU OneCard, you will be required to select a refund option. Electronic door access control, duress/intrusion and video security at Arizona State University is handled by ISAAC (Integrated System for ASU Access Control). Your ASU ID number is printed on your Certificate of Admission, on many of your student records, on your Sun Card and on selected communications you receive from the university, etc. One must report a stolen, lost, or misplaced card immediately. Usually the website will ask for the expiration date, which is embossed on the card just above your name. *All cameras included comply with ASU approved standards and must follow ASU policy. Call BankMobile Customer Service at 1-877-278-1919, Log in to your BankMobile Vibe Account at, Printing in the MCS computer lab after the print allotment is depleted.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)/Transfer to Outside Bank Account Pending at BankMobile. When asked for a payment type, choose MasterCard. Your first ASU OneCard is provided at no charge. You may be able to use the card from inside a holder, wallet or purse without removing it. Existing head end with room to expand, new reader, electric CRASH BAR access control components*. ACH/Transfer to Outside Bank Account Sent to Other Bank. It works with a smart card reader to identify and allow access to authorized users and physical contact between the card and the reader is not necessary. With the exception of eligible new employees, the ASU ID card is issued for a fee.

This is a rare occurrence, and you can trust that BankMobile is aware there is a problem and is working on a resolution. ISAAC and your ASU ID Card work together utilizing door access technology included in the card design.

Several public transportation options are available to ASU students, faculty and staff across all four ASU campuses.

BankMobile is waiting for the cardholder to submit his or her completed ACH/Transfer Form. If you decide to proceed with the project, you must issue a Purchase Order in the amount of the quote. BankMobile has mailed your refund check to your primary address. In person at the OneCard Office in the General Services Building. Use the chart below to identify each related account.

The ASU OneCard is the official identification card for all students at Angelo State University.

The light on the smart card reader will turn from red to green signifying that access has been granted and the door will unlock.

What about access cards and bio-metric access, how do I make sure that everyone who needs access has a card or can be recognized by the biometric readers? Your Refund has been deposited to your BankMobile Vibe Account based on your refund preference. Contractor cards are blank and do not have a picture or ID printed on the front. It is the last three digits that appear after the four-digit number in the signature panel.

The Sun Card and the Pitchfork ID Card are the official ASU ID cards and as such represent the cardholder’s “proof” of affiliation with the university. Bring your printed schedule from the Business Office to the library to have your picture taken and your ID card made, or to have your card updated. It saves money and simplifies on-going access management to group function with shared security needs and shared security management procedures together.

For information and requirements about returning ASU ID cards upon separation from ASU, see: ASU Libraries, which includes the privilege of checking out materials, some buildings, classrooms, and/or residence halls (using a 16-bit iCLASS® chip), campus meal plans, such as Maroon and Gold (M&G) Dollars.

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