NASB, Single-Column Reference Bible, Wide Margin, 1995 Text, Comfort Print, NASB, Thinline Bible, Large Print, Red Letter Edition, 1995 Text, Comfort Print, NASB, Thinline Bible, Red Letter Edition, 1995 Text, Comfort Print, NASB, The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible, Paperback: Holy Bible, New American Standard Bible. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you. Commentary. for in Him we live and move and exist, as even some of your own poets have said, 'For we also are His children.'. Copy. C. Roberston—Sketches of Church History, from AD 33 to the Reformation, Whether Idolatry is Rightly Reckoned a Species of Superstition?Objection 1: It would seem that idolatry is not rightly reckoned a species of superstition. Verse. 16 Now while Paul was waiting for them at Athens, his spirit was being provoked within him as he was observing the city full of idols. By registering for an account, you agree to Faithlife’s, exist, as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we also are His children.’. A similar sentiment is found in Plautus (5, 4,14): "O Jupiter, who dost cherish and nourish the race of man; by whom we live, and with whom is the hope of the life of all men" (Kuinoel). $3.99 a month for 40+ study tools. Want more information about Bible Gateway Plus? There is no idea of dependence more striking than that we owe to him the ability to perform the slightest motion. Until then they were liable to be sought out, and any one might inform against them; but Trajan ordered that they should not be sought out, although, if they were discovered, and refused to give up their faith, they were to be punished. Acts 17 :: New American Standard Bible (NASB) Strong's. 24. Step 1 - Create an account or log in to start your free trial. 28 for (A)in Him we live and move and [a]exist, as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we also are His descendants.’. It does not appear, however, that Paul designed this as a quotation; yet he doubtless intended to state a sentiment with which they were familiar, and with which they would agree. For just …Saint Thomas Aquinas—Summa Theologica, "In Him we live and move" (Acts xvii. He is the original fountain of life, and he upholds us each moment. Advance your knowledge of Scripture with this resource library of over 40 reference books, including commentaries and Study Bible notes. The sentiment here quoted was directly at variance with the views of the Epicureans; and it is proof of Paul's address and skill, as well as his acquaintance with his auditors and with the Greek poets, that he was able to adduce a sentiment so directly in point, and that had the concurrent testimony of so many of the Greeks themselves. Call us at 888-634-2038, 28 for ain Him we live and move and 1exist, as even some of your own poets have said, ‘For we also are His children.’, Read more The next emperor, too, whose name was Hadrian (AD 117-138) did something to make their condition better; but it was still …J.

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