In addition, I found the Opening Day Stars to be odd. When the Topps Living Set launched in spring, 2017, it brought with a concept that had been tried before — a never-ending checklist — but with the online-only, print-on … - Forum Also debuting this year, Dugout Peeks provides a snapshot of the just-off-field action, and Team Traditions and Celebrations highlights the unique rituals of each fanbase. Take a look at TTC-SC “Sweet Caroline” and ask yourself: “is this a card that really needed to be made?”. Love me some Opening Day! Other than mascots and some very rare inserts, there is little to draw in collectors unless they are looking for an easy base set to build. At around $30 per box, the value is interesting. I didnt say used gum because then you might think I was being silly. Gallery | Videos | The backs also make this a cool set. This is clearly an instance where every team with a mascot should have received at least one card. If your looking for a major hit your most likely going walk away disappointed. - Trivia 2018 Topps Baseball Retail Factory Set Rookie Variations Checklist and Gallery 7 Clint Frazier - New York Yankees. - Contributors Like Brian stated, there are 4 Reds mascot, let’s mix it up a little better Topps! While OD is not the set to go chasing value, the glimmer of hope is present for something very rare, which is uncommon at this price. Oh well, I’ll just find the cards of the teams/players I like and call it a day. This works. However, as the 2017 set showed, there are still some rare OD options and even hits to chase, and 2018 is the same. Stats | Collection Summary, 1 Usually I skip Opening Day because its the same design as the main Topps release which is also very budget friendly but with the first official Ohtani rookie card in this set I am going to have to check it out. - Teams - Packaging Opening Day is made for the younger collectors or for those on a budget. 700 Shohei Ohtani - Los Angeles Angels. Even though I didn’t pull an Orbit, this is always a fun break at a great price! Still emphasizing fun over the big-hit frenzy that has enveloped the card world, 2018 Topps Opening Day Baseball makes the themed insert sets a primary focus at one per pack. Although quite tough to uncover, 2018 Topps Opening Day Baseball still offers a few elusive hits to chase. - Stats The themed inserts do provide a little dose of fun, but it still needs some fresh ideas. so Topps is on the market.. up for sale.. because they are losing money on making Baseball cards. Inserts and Related Sets | Bad: Comes across as flagship lite; many of the inserts have crazy odds; no real identity. *Blue Jays players have exclusive Maple Leaf parallel in Canada Walmart Blister packs. Your Collection You have 0 of these cards in your collection. But then you see that four inserts and the base variations carry odds of at least 1:286 packs (and some are much, much tougher), and all the hits are also very rare. - Change Log - Sell Sheets / Ads - Trivia Do you think the shohei othani base card or opening day card #/2018 will be worth much? I admit that I do not understand the 25-card Mascot set that features four different cards for the Reds. I am always able to add something to my collection from these packs. Inserts and Related Sets | I agree with Brian and Chris Donati – no love for Stomper or Lou so I won’t be buying the product. Just garbage. *, ODR-AP Albert Pujols - Los Angeles Angels, BOD-AB Andrew Benintendi - Boston Red Sox, NA-JC J.P. Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies, TTC-CH Clydesdale Horses - St. Louis Cardinals. - Collection Summary, Overview | - Errors / Variations - Collection Summary, Overview | Packaging | - Hall of Famers Of course, the autographs and relics are very limited but that is to be expected here. Gallery | Teams | Errors / Variations | Rate this product from 1 to 5 stars using the following rating scale: © Copyright 2008-2020 The Cardboard Connection. In most boxes, the best you can hope for is a rookie or two for Ohtani and a blue foil base parallel of a top player. I just completed a set and these cards just look so colorful in hand. Using the '18 flagship design, but with an added brand logo, the 2018 Opening Day base set features 200 current players with key rookies. › For a supposed kid set, it could really use a fresh influx of creativity. In fact both teams get no autographs, relics, or mascot cards. - Gallery However, many of these also feature the flagship look, including some of the SSP inserts like Dugout Peeks and Stadium Signatures, which have the appearance of base variations rather than standalone inserts. Other choices include National Anthem, in honor of the pre-game festivities, and Stadium Signatures, which covers the player-fan dynamic in regards to getting autographs at the ballpark. Checklist | Collection Summary, 1 - Errors / Variations 63 Amed Rosario - New York Mets. - Rookies When it comes to the base design, the only thing that is different from flagship is the printed Topps logo (instead of foil) and the OD logo in the corner. Moving to where much of the excitement is found, the 2018 Opening Day inserts touch on many themes, falling one per pack. You can only play up the mascot angle for so long. I want cards with real game used pinetar or rosin and used sunflower seed shells from the ballpark. 8 Opening Day needs its own design. - Comments 6 Click here to Rate, - Overview Comments | - Forum Rating: 7.6 (71 votes) Good: First base Ohtani rookie card; very low box price; themed inserts are fun. One of the packs was a 2016 Topps Opening Day. Perhaps that creativity is being funneled into the new Topps Big League Baseball product. PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Foil (1:9 packs), Opening Day 1/1 Edition, Printing Plates 1/1. Product Configuration: 7 cards per pack, 36 packs per box, 20 boxes per case. ». My favorite is Before Opening Day, mostly for the Spring Training shots, but also because of the palm tree and cactus silhouettes in the design. Fun set to collect and cool insert cards at a low price, Mail (will not be published) (required). - Card Rankings As alluded to in previous comments, there is so much crap being passed off as inserts. Contributors | - Checklist A blaster of 11 packs was priced at $19.99. Opened a new 2018 box today & got a complete with the plenty of inserts & only 9 duplicate cards… For a set collector, the collation of cards is a wonderful addition to TOPPS who normally isn’t that great with making a set/box… Kudos to TOPPS!!! › The Bottom Line: 2018 Topps Opening Day is amusing, but the odds are very stacked against you. 2018 Topps Heritage. Total Cards: 392. Total Cards: 725 Rating: 7.4 (37 votes) Click here to Rate. A nice low budget set to collect. Sell Sheets / Ads | 2 - Gallery - Videos For one time TOPPS always hits the nail on the head with these boxes!!! 4 …a fun product to open! - Packaging 1 Autograph or Relic Card; 3 Rainbow Foil Parallels; 9 1983 Topps Inserts; 4 MLB Awards Inserts; 4 Superstar Sensations Inserts; 4 Topps Salute Inserts; 2018 Topps Series 1 Baseball Hobby Jumbo Box Break. Forum | Set Links - Overview - Checklist - Teams - Errors / Variations - Hall of Famers - Rookies - Inserts and Related Sets - Comments - Packaging - Pricing - Sell Sheets / Ads - Trivia - Videos - Forum - External Links - Change Log - Contributors - Glossary - Gallery - Card Rankings - Collection Summary

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