Why ?

Our experience in the field has enabled us to identify enormous potentials in the Trading of agricultural, mining and energy raw materials (Cocoa and the derivatives, Cashews kernels, Cashews nuts, Rubber Cup Lump ………Copper Concentrates , Copper Cathodes, Copper Blisters, Cobalt Concentrates… Etc) in Africa …… BUT UNUSED …… not for lack of will …. But for several other reasons that can be resolved.

These failures have also considerably slowed down our investments in Africa … Because we are in a sector which requires mastery of a certain number of codes and when a potential partner does not master them it becomes almost impossible to collaborate in a very precise timing and this is not pleasant for business.

Our Solution?

For the Consulting sessions, we provide each beneficiary with:

Our Experts in international trade for the PRACTICAL mastery of international trade codes specific to the trade of raw materials ………… For example on how and when to use a payment technique and payment instrument according to the characteristics of each transaction / file …… how to take account of price volatility in a contract (RISK MANAGEMENT), volatility in general caused by economic and geopolitical wars between countries, by the political instability of a country …… And also by a pandemic like that of COVID_19 and many other parameters.

Our strategists for mastering the marketing codes of each raw material ……. because the codes generally vary from one raw material to another.


It is not a seminar or a group consultation. But personalized consultations to the needs and characteristics of each beneficiary ………… after his assessment, if he is admitted.
The Consulting takes place online by fluid supports and accessible to all.

The minimum price for Consulting is
€ 100 / Hour

Good to know: The cost of consultation can change according to the needs and characteristics of each beneficiary.

Join Us

What aspects of international business practice do you want to improve on?

This form allows us to customize the Board according to your needs and characteristics. And in addition, it allows us to tell you exactly how much consulting time you need to achieve this desired performance.

Thus you paid exactly as we are required for these hours, before having access to your personalized Consulting program.

Note: The maximum duration of Consulting per beneficiary is maximum 1 hour per day. This is to promote the desired result.