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Cashew nut oil: how to make it?

The cashew nut is a nutty and oilseed fruit less rich in lipids. It has the most interesting vitamin and mineral content, as well as active ingredients that give it health benefits. Its oil is used in a traditional way in food use and in external use for its regenerating effect on the skin. The selected cashews are delicately toasted to bring out the best aromas and then pressed in first cold pressing. This oil will perfectly enhance the taste of your preparations, salads and raw vegetables. it naturally contains Omega 9. Pressing the kernels of the cashews yields a high quality edible vegetable oil. The cashew oil provided is virgin oil from first cold pressing without additives. In fact, the cashews are harvested when the cashew apples fall to the ground and then are left to dry for a few days The shelling process is long and requires many precautions. Before shelling, the nuts are sorted according to their size, then they are cooked in an oil bath (traditional way) or, better still, they are steamed in a boiler. The shelling is done manually using a strong stick. The introduction of decorticating tables brings a better yield. The almonds obtained are then dried either in the sun or in an improved drying oven. Finally, the last step, skinning is a delicate step. It is carried out manually using small knives or by friction. Virgin cashew oil comes from a single cold pressing. The almonds are pressed in a hydraulic press or in a very slowly rotating mechanical screw press.   You can get your very good quality cashews from Dadjio Trading Company !!