Who we are.

Dadjio Trading Company is a commodity trading company. We are the global supply network in raw materials, leader in Africa. On the international plan we occupy a privilege place.

Our Team

Dadjio Trading Company team is made up of international competence which enables to anticipate and solve efficiently challenges related to different realities on the field.

Our Values

The base we have for our business is a strategy of a fair redistribution of wealth for all the partners of the chain of value. That is why we collaborate only with privileged partners and customers who share our values.

Our Mission

Dadjio Trading Company creates value by trading commodities reliably, efficiently and responsibly. We continuously improve our services and performance. We cooperate with food, pharmaceutical, technology, mining, oil and gas. We build strategic alliances and maintain privileged relationships with our partners and customers around the world. We also put all our attention, commitment and resources at the service of our customers in order to guarantee proximity between them and their supply networks.

Our Vision

We contribute to improve the reliability of markets by ushering honest partners, while establishing a strong partnership between the different actors. We privilege partnership on a long period, by offering technical advices and services by backing up Partner Company. Environmental, sanitary, communal, safe questions are at the centre of our strategic actions.

Why Us ?

You want to guarantee in a strategic manner, the supply in raw materials that your factory or your partner need?

We are a supply network that you need?

You are a producer in raw materials but have difficulties to sell them on the international market? If you share our values in this case, we will be happy to evaluate your results to give you access to our network