About Us.

Dadjio Trading Company is specialised in Commodity Trading. We trade in minerals, energy and agricultural commodities.

We now occupy a privileged place in our sector of activity. And so we are currently a major player in the redistribution of raw materials worldwide.

Our Team

Dadjio Trading Company’s team has an excellent position in the commodity trading sector. That is why we works with partners and privileged clients who respect a certain ethic.

Our Values

We are concerned about small farmers, human labour and their working conditions. Our business is based on a strategy of more equitable redistribution of wealth for all participants in the wealth production chain.

Our Mission

Dadjio Trading Company creates value by trading commodities reliably, efficiently and responsibly. We continuously improve our services and performance. We cooperate with food, pharmaceutical, technology, mining, oil and gas. We build strategic alliances and maintain privileged relationships with our partners and customers around the world. We also put all our attention, commitment and resources at the service of our customers in order to guarantee proximity between them and their supply networks.

Our Vision

We deploy tailor-made strategies to defy any competition, producing exceptional performance. We improve the reliability of markets by introducing partners and building strong relationships between the different players. Our services are made up of specialists who promote a long-term vision, offering technical advice, information and support services to partner companies . We also take environmental, health, community and safety issues to heart.

Why Us ?

Do you want to strategically guarantee the supply of the raw materials that your factory or your partners need for one year or more ? Contact us to get the information you need with access to an international network of mining, energy and agricultural raw materials. Mainly in Africa and also all over the world.